“I can’t access my tik account together I acquire a article stating the my account is banned. Can someone tell me just how TikTok half works and the methods to bypass it?”

If your account has likewise been suspended or banned by TikTok, friend can additionally encounter a comparable situation. End the last couple of years, TikTok has improved its neighborhood guidelines and also can ban any kind of account over violation issues. Therefore, if girlfriend have got a temporary or long-term TikTok ban, it can be regarded its ar guidelines. Let’s quickly understand just how the tiktok ban works and what you have the right to do about it without much ado.

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Part 1: exactly how does the tiktok Ban Works?

Like other renowned social media platforms, TikTok likewise has strict guidelines that its users need to follow. If you have posted something on tiktok that is versus the guidelines, climate TikTok have the right to ban your video status and also even account.

Here are several of the major categories of content that deserve to lead to a long-term suspension that a tiktok account.

Posting content around criminal or illegal activitiesIf you are marketing drugs, weapons, or any other illegal thingPosting the graphical or violent contentAny pornographic or explicit write-up would additionally be bannedPosts about scams, frauds, false marketing schemes, etc. Are also restrictedHate speed or gyeongju slurs would additionally lead to your tiktok account’s banAny content cultivating self-harm or suicide is also bannedIt will likewise ban contents regulating that is cyber-bullying and also minor protection policies

You have the right to go to the ar Guidelines page in tiktok to more know around the platform’s banning process. Ideally, anyone deserve to report your account for tik moderators to examine. There is a report attribute for posts or the entire account. Once an account is flagged, tik moderators will display it and take appropriate actions.


Part 2: just how to know if the tiktok Ban is short-lived or Permanent?

Ideally, there room four various ways in i beg your pardon TikTok deserve to ban her account or content. Therefore, to understand exactly how the tik ban works, you require to recognize which group your account falls.

Shadow-banning by TikTok

This is just one of the most usual ways in which tik bans one account’s exposure. It just restricts the exposure of her content and can happen if a user has spammed the platform with too numerous posts.

To inspect the tik shadow-ban, walk to the analytics section of her account and examine the source. If the “For You” section has minimal views, then your account might have suffered from a zero ban. In many cases, a shadow-ban on tiktok lasts for 14 days.

Banning indigenous Live Streaming or Commenting

If you have said something wrong in a vault live stream or posted an attack comment, then TikTok deserve to restrict her account. The good news is that these constraints won’t be the long. You probably won’t be able to comment or live stream for a while (around 24-48 hours).

Temporary Ban

If you have performed a significant violation of tiktok policies, the platform deserve to temporarily half your account. Come know how TikTok deserve to ban her account, open up the app, and visit your profile. Your followers, following, etc., would certainly be replaced by a “–” sign and you will get a an alert that the account has actually been right now suspended.

Permanent Ban

This is the harshest half by tiktok as it would certainly suspend her account forever. If you have violated that is guidelines multiple times and have to be reported by others a lot, it can lead come a long-term ban. Whenever you open TikTok and go to your profile, you will acquire a prompt stating the your account has actually been permanently blocked.


Part 3: exactly how to get your Banned tiktok Account back?

Even if your tiktok account has been banned, there room a couple of ways to acquire it back. Right here are some an easy suggestions that would assist you move past the tiktok ban:

Wait because that the half to it is in lifted

If your account has gained a shadow-ban, or you have actually been minimal from commenting, I would certainly recommend waiting for a while. Mostly, these mild bans would immediately be lifted in a day or two.

Get the TikTok application from third-party sources

In some countries, TikTok has actually been removed from the App and also Play Store. To get rid of this and also get tik without half APK, you deserve to visit third-party sources.


Firstly, walk to her phone’s defense settings and allow the feature to download apps from third-party sources. Now, you have the right to go to any reliable resource like APKpure, APKmirror, UptoDown, or Aptoide to gain the tik without ban APK on her phone.

Get in touch through TikTok.

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If girlfriend think the TikTok has actually made a wrong in banning your account, then you have the right to appeal to them together well. For this, you can launch the tik app and also go to its setups > Privacy and Settings > Support and choose come “Report a Problem.” Here, you can write around the issue and ask tiktok to unban your account.


Besides that, if friend can’t accessibility the TikTok application (in case of a long-term ban), climate you can straight email them at privacy