CD Projekt RED releases understanding of stone for The Witcher 3 v an easter egg that confronts players over previous decisions to usage exploits to knife money quickly.

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because that players who felt the should \"game the system\" in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in order come earn huge amounts of money quickly, CD task RED knows. Through the very first major expansion, understanding of Stone, releasing because that the well-known open human being RPG, a brand-new NPC character recognized as Deputy taxation Enumerator Walthemor Mitty interrupts the travels of Geralt the Rivia to review potential misdeeds in ~ the price of others.

While play Hearts of rock in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players will certainly be challenged by the taxman who concerns the player about the substantial wealth Geralt has quickly acquired. Specifically, even if it is or not the player was affiliated in harvest pearls from clams and offering them at a benefit or making use of a glitch to skin cows to offer the rawhide. The taxman levies a 200% fine for those in violation however ultimately, the player has the last say in what happens as the player is straight asked if they\"re guilty or not.

for players that deny the claims, whether or no they have actually in reality committed this exploits, the taxman will certainly reward the player v a diploma declaring Geralt the location of Taxpayer in an excellent Standing. Because that those who want a clean conscience and also own up to previous mistakes, the taxman will actually charge you with fees. According to reports, players deserve to be charged as much as 1000 crowns based on how the inquiries are answered and cannot continue in the main quest until the debt has actually been payment in full.

if the event is mostly used as a fun scare tactic, it\"s quiet a an excellent little touch and response by the developer. While other developers may have taken the opportunity to crack down on the behavior through marketing means, forum posts, and also patches, CD Projekt RED handles things a different means and has much more fun with it. It\"s clear the this developer loves its fanbase, bending over backwards to release totally free DLC, including in fun easter eggs to its games, and also fighting back against anti-consumer practices.

This isn\"t the first time CD Projekt RED has actually corrected an worry in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with a clever addition. Because that those who took benefit of an manipulate in White Orchard where repetitively killing cows because that rawhide which might then it is in quickly sold in ~ a profit, an update for the video game activated the Bovine Defense force Initiative. Essentially, a gigantic monster was placed in the area come dissuade short level players that would be attracted to this tactic, native trying anything.

What\"s your take on the taxman? carry out you gain the means CD Projekt RED pokes funny at past exploits fairly than the more traditional means developers typically handle things favor this? let us recognize in the comments.

The very first expansion, hearts of Stone, is now easily accessible for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on playstation 4, Xbox One, and also PC.

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