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The Young and also the Restless (Y&R) spoilers hint the the CBS soap may be make some big changes to your younger set. Over the past couple of months, we’ve currently seen some major shifts in the storytelling. ~ a prolonged stint top top the backburner, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and also Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) were lastly given part well-deserved airtime and a dramatic storyline.

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Meanwhile, Lola Rosales’ (Sasha Calle) airtime dwindled after previously being in ~ the facility of the action. Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson) additionally started to fade come the background together Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) rejoined with Summer Newman (Hunter King). Now that Theo and also Lola it seems to be ~ to be on their means out, the core 4 to focus on are Summer, Kyle, Mariah and Tessa.

That’s a solid younger collection of characters, but there’s one problem. We’ve acquired two happy couples and nobody to shake points up! there is no Theo leading to mischief, The Young and also the Restless may have actually to bring somebody else right into the mix.

There’s one human being who might be perfect for that, especially due to the fact that Y&R viewers have already gotten to understand him.

Tanner watt (Chase Watts) to be a an essential player in Mariah and also Tessa’s recent drama, at the very least in the beginning. Y&R originally left pan guessing around Tanner’s true motives.

The dude had some significant boundary issues, yet he turned out to be a good guy in the end. Tanner collection “Teriah’s” eventual reunion in motion, so he’s a rockstar sweetheart – and also you yes, really can’t go wrong through that!

Tanner’s greatest flaw is not wearing sufficient clothes, i beg your pardon is honestly pretty right for soaps. It’d be amazing for Tanner to land in Genoa City and stick about for a while.

It’s been developed that Tanner is “Team Teriah” and never had a chance at reconnecting through Tessa. They’ve moved past every that, for this reason it’d it is in cool for Mariah and Tessa to have one more friend to communicate with.

As because that Summer and Kyle, could Tanner be simply the male to absent the boat? Tanner’s handsome, sweet, famous, charming, a goofball… The total package! Tanner no a snake prefer Theo, for this reason he’d it is in a an ext viable love interest and also actual competition because that Kyle.

Would Summer be tempted by Tanner? She can be – specifically if some worries emerge because that Summer and Kyle under the road.

Although Tanner mentioned having a girlfriend, he also described her as “just regular” and suggested they learned come “make that work.” that doesn’t sound favor a lasting love story. If Tanner to be to display up single in GC, he’d be an choice for Summer. There’d be a great love triangle opportunity to work-related with.

As because that Tanner’s portrayer, chase Coleman called Soap Opera Digest that love come have prolonged stay at Y&R. “I would certainly be 100 percent down for yet long lock would prefer to expand Tanner,” Coleman said.

The Young and also the Restless will certainly surely need someone to make a few waves for “Skyle,” so it might also be someone we know. Because Tanner’s a megastar, possibly he could confront some massive scandal. Genoa City could be a good place to hide out while the dust settles – and wonderful place to uncover love!

Would you like to view Tanner watt as an additional love interest option for Summer? do you think Tanner could steal Summer from Kyle? As other Y&R news rolfes in, we’ll pass along updates.

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The Young and the Restless spoiler say some warm drama’s front no matter what, so continue to be tuned. Don’t forget come drop by CDL regularly for terrific Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and also news.