Always phone call Zer0 that you space a vault hunter or say optimistic things about vault searching to have actually him together a feasible ally in ~ the end of the game.

Chapter 1

The an initial choice doesn\"t really matter around running doesn\"t really matter. ~ a bunch the talking and QTEs, you\"ll it is in asked how you knew about the beacon\"s location. Telling the Sasha and Fiona that Jack is in your head pisses castle off, but that\"s what ns personally go with. After talking your way outta the mess, you will certainly unlock:

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Ain\"t got Time to BleedCompleted chapter 1 of illustration 4


1 guide

Chapter 2

Plenty more dialogue to begin the chapter with our old girlfriend Scooter and Janey. Talk to Janey about Athena prior to she asks friend if Athena claimed anything about her. Ns know, i know, it\"s a choice... However save the damn gibberish vault hunter\"s partnership already! The lesbian space Australian will be supervisor happy if you say the Athena loved her, and you\"ll acquire the aid you need.

Eventually, you will switch earlier to Rhys and end up through the alternative to send out Dumpy or not. If you send it out, the will finish up paralysis a psycho because that you later. Walk to the left and look at the corpse. Flip him end and an alert that miscellaneous that\"s just a tiny bit necessary is missing. Scan one of two people psycho since it doesn\"t matter yet. Walk v the psychos and you will certainly disturb who sleepy time. Dumpy will be there for the help (with your

clickin\" help). Walk all the way to the finish of the psychos to see one sleeping in a eco-friendly chair. Scan him to uncover Vasquez\"s face.

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Back out that the menu and also remove the confront from the other confront like a serial killer. After part running in fear, a pun, and some gut baggies, you will unlock: