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It’s spring! back the cherry flower have already fallen right here in Osaka, they are progressively making their way up the country. The is in front of the cherry blossoms that a quiet boy with a camera lays his eyes on a beautiful girl who has actually just landed in Japan. I have actually watched the an initial episode the Tada Never falls in Love (Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai) and babbled several of my thoughts down below.

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That’s…the Shogun’s an enig passage!

Japanese Title: ほっとけないだろ


Mitsuyoshi Tada is acquisition photos that the cherry blossoms as soon as a young foreign girl asks him come take her photo. Despite her good mood, it seems that not only is she lost, yet she is in possession of nobody of she belongings after being separated from she partner. After proceeding to bump into the girl over the food of the day, and after she gets caught in the rain there is no an umbrella, Tada takes she to his Grandfather’s coffee shop. She charming and also innocent personality makes her an instant hit v the patrons, consisting of the hard-to-please ceo of the place- Nyanko Big. We accomplish Tada’s mystery novel-loving sister Yui and also Tada’s incredibly hammy friend, Ijuin. The girl introduces herself as Theresa Wagner, and it no long before her girlfriend (or bodyguard) Alec bursts in, giving Ijuin a black eye in the process. The two girls room from the (fictional) European country of Larsenburg and also have just landed in Japan. That is implied the Theresa is not simply an ordinary international student… The next day in Tada and also Ijuin’s class, a pair of global exchange students room introduced…

Initial Thoughts

It’s rare that ns go because that romantic comedies, so ns didn’t think i would finish up selecting this collection for my review. However, ns was a huge fan that the Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun anime for this reason I want to see what the team behind it had actually in store for Tada Never falls in Love. If Nozaki focuses much more on the comedy aspects, it appears Tada will focus more on the person relationships. The eponymous personalities of each series seem very comparable at first (similar appearance, voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, more interested in their work/hobby 보다 the fairer sex), yet it’s clear that Tada will build into somebody very different to Nozaki as the collection goes on. So far we have actually the kind-hearted however aloof Tada, the angelic however slightly air-headed Theresa, the tsundere Alec, and the hammiest that hammy Ijuin. Tada’s little sister also has her cute small quirks.

The character designs and colors that the collection are for sure perfect for the story and are a pleasure to watch. The designs room quite an easy but brimming with a youthful energy that is do me feeling 10 years young just by city hall it.

Finally, ns can’t walk without pointing out the OPENING! The opening design template ‘Otomodachi Film’ is written and also performed through Masayoshi Ooishi. That is a understand at attractive themes. Not only did that write and perform Nozaki’s opening ‘Kimi ja na kya dame mitai’ (please find this tune if you’ve never heard that before!), he additionally wrote the undisputed grasp opening design template of 2017’s Kemono Friends, ‘Welcome come Japari Park’! although this song isn’t quite as catchy together these two examples, i still love it and will it is in listening to it repeatedly when it is released!


I nothing speak English.

When Theresa asks Tada to take it the photograph, she supplies perfectly fluent and polite Japanese, only for Tada come reply, in English, that he can’t speak English. When she asks the if she Japanese to be wrong, that replies through an azer ‘No, yes, okay’. Ns a pale-skinned, blonde-haired girl in Japan and..I get this every the time! i laughed aloud in ~ this moment.

Just Kaoru Ijuin in General

I like characters that are over the top. However, they have the right to be a tiny annoying if castle go too far. Well, Ijuin speeds previous the ‘too far’ mark. The ‘too far’ mark is currently so much away that is just a small dot. And also I love it! i instantly dropped in love v Ijuin’s insanity the minute he appeared. Every tiny word he claims is gold. The way he flew v the air to be perfection. Absolutely NOBODY is capable of illustrating this character various other than Mamoru Miyano. Think Tamaki native Ouran High School hold Club cranked as much as 11.

Flying Ijuin

I already made Ijuin a highlight, yet I wanted to do his spectacular twist in the air after Alec’s absent a highlight all ~ above its own.



Ginza is a slightly-upscale area in Tokyo. It appears a many the locations that show up in the episode are based upon real places. Unfortunately, I know nothing around Ginza so ns cannot provide you any tips on wherein to uncover these places, however I’m looking forward to learning more about the area. The area that Theresa and also Tada met to be the Sakurada-mon at Edo Castle, among the most famed castles in Japan.

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Rainbow Shogun

Theresa is strangely obsessed through a fictitious TV programme referred to as Rainbow Shogun. This is actually the parody the a real-life Japanese period drama dubbed Abarenbo Shogun. They have simply taken turn off the ‘Aba’ to make the location in ‘Rainbow’. Clever! The collection was a hot topic not so long ago as there was a sudden increase in younger viewers who would clock the re-runs ~ the late-night anime had finished. If you desire to get a feel of the show, just try searching 暴れん坊将軍 top top YouTube!

Samurai Language

Theresa states that she learned Japanese through the over TV programme, therefore she sometimes has actually the tendency to use archaic language, although not to a man extent. Once she is apologizing, she often uses words ‘Katajikenai’, i m sorry is certainly not a component of the daily Japanese language. Ns did no count the times she stated it in illustration 1, however I’m certain it was heading into the double-digits.

Always make your heart rainbow!

The first episode has certainly piqued my interest. The bright and also bubbly character designs and also charming personalities are quite delightful. I’m concerned there will be time in this series where my interest dwindles, and also that is whereby the comedy is going come be yes, really important. This series isn’t a gag comedy for this reason the joke are an ext subtle, however they have actually landed so far! I might be swayed by the comedy the most as I’ve never ever been the interested in romantic developments between high institution students . Return I’m concerned the collection will end up being easy to read, it certainly doesn’t seem prefer it will be a chore to clock it every week. Ns looking forward to the development of the remainder of key characters very soon. Ciao!

Don’t forget to check a few official screenshots from our preview of illustration 1. Every week, you will be able to read the summary and watch a collection of stills before the episode airs!