star wars the old republic swtor this application has actually encountered an unspecified error fix beginning Error: 327684:1 2019 2020


Here is the fix: "brwc_swtor.exe" as well(maybe idk the video game hasn"t perfect installing yet and also so perhaps it won"t even fucking launch)


Ensure the Launcher is not running


right mouse click game shortcut and select open document location

open the launcher.settings document in notepad and locate the listed below line

 , "PatchingMode": " "swtor": "BR" "

Change to:

, "PatchingMode": " "swtor": "SSN" " and  ,"bitraider_disable": false

Change to:

, "bitraider_disable": true  SAVE the changes.Delete the BitRaider folder then begin the launcher

 if you have the old version still on an additional computer , copy all the video game folders end to this computer


Note: If you have actually converted to non-streaming yet still see the fast play setting UI once you"re in-game, just delete the BitRaider folder again and also that should do it.

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So, D1P, this object isn"t because that the world of D1P. The is because that future googlers. Maybe google won"t pick up this thread, but it can"t ache to write-up this. Ns would article this on the main forums but I can"t due to the fact that you need to be a fucking payment member to use the forum. The location is simply shit i googled and I tried to future proof the a bit. 


Anyway, I have been wanting to walk through an additional story in SWTOR because that a while and all the brand-new SW hype made me finally install the game again. Only, make the efforts to install this video game was a fucking pain in the ass. Most answers were to simply delete the BitRaider shit yet that didn"t work. That wasn"t until I uncovered this post that told me to change the launcher settings that the game lastly started installing. Ns don"t also want to play it yet as I am balls deep in FO4 and also then i am prolly gonna play ME:A after ~ that and also then shot to beat the first KOTOR. Never beat it together I keep acquiring really fucking bored. 



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Posted November 24, 2019


Posted November 24, 2019

Game is so old they can be future Yahoo users.

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star battles the old republic swtor this application has encountered an unspecified error fix beginning Error: 327684:1 2019 2020
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