With 5 #1 nation music albums and numerous optimal 10 hits, Miranda Lambert is one of nation music's most well known veterans. However deep inside of this superstar, she's quiet a nation girl v deep Gospel roots. In a move that was so in character through her Christian faith, Lambert has recorded the hymn "Swett By and By" for Dave Crobb's upcoming principle album Southern Family.

Southern Family will be released on march 18th. "Sweet By and also By" is just one of 12 tracks on the Southern family album. Artists that have added to the album include Zac Brown, Brandy Clark, Jason Isbell, Jamey Johnson and also others. The tracks room all supposed to give listeners a look right into each singer's upbringing. "These are songs written around growing up and songs that are reduced that they've heard," Cobb says. "Maybe one your mom sang come you. Something that way a lot to her family."

"A friend and I were talking and he said, 'You should make a concept record.' ns laughed him turn off the phone. Who's going to placed out a concept record and why would anyone do it?" Cobb tells Rolling rock Country of Southern Family's genesis. "But the an ext I thought around it, everybody has a good story, around their parents, your grandparents or brother and sister. I wanted to have actually really talented artists practice write and do song that average a lot come them, and also just make the track that perhaps they wouldn't put on your record. The deep song, or the tune that doesn't right in the queue or wouldn't it is in a single. I want them to carry out the most moral song they could do."

"These space songs written around growing up and songs the are reduced that they've heard. Possibly one your mother sang to you," Cobb says. "Something that means a many to your family."

Here's the artists and track list for Southern Family

1. John Paul White, "Simple Song"2. Jason Isbell, "God Is a working Man"3. Brent Cobb, "Down Home"4. Miranda Lambert, "Sweet By and By"5. Morgane Stapleton v Chris Stapleton, "You are My Sunshine"6. Zac Brown, "Grandma's Garden"7. Jamey Johnson, "Momma's Table"8. Anderson East, "Learning"9. Holly Williams, "Settle Down"10. Brandy Clark, "I Cried"11. Shooter Jennings, "Can girlfriend Come Over?"12.

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Well-off Robinson, "The method Home"

Southern Family is collection for release on march 18. The project is available for pre-order via iTunes and Amazon.