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On Monday, Food Fantasy launched a story-themed stage battle event called "Spring Time," that permits players to conference shards for new Food Souls tortoise Jelly and Sweet & sour Fish. Listed below we"ve placed together a complete guide come the in-game event in addition to tips for selecting the finest responses throughout story stages to unlock your favorite brand-new Food Soul.

Food Fantasy spring Time occasion Guide: how It Works


Two new Food Souls join Food Fantasy in the latest event. Here’s exactly how to unlock them. ELEXThe feather Time event is set up together a collection of stages. Through the stages you"ll earn various types of currency (Heart Seals, factor Seals, Sakura flowers or Lanterns) that have the right to be exchanged in the event store for avatar frames, soul embers, soul reincarnators, Food heart shards in more. If you"ve acquired your eye ~ above unlocking one of the new event Food Souls you"ll need to collect a certain amount of money from each stage and raise her friendship level through the Food soul to level 90. Here are the items you"ll have to unlock every of the new Food Souls.

You need 60 shards come unlock turtle Jelly. To purchase those girlfriend will require the adhering to resources:

240 Sakura Flowers360 heart Seals

You require 60 shards come unlock Sweet and Sour Fish. To purchase those girlfriend will require the complying with resources:

240 Lanterns360 factor Seals

Stage Types

The event path contains two different stage types: fight stages and also story stages. In fight stages you"ll fight various enemies in the same way you would certainly on the normal game path. In ~ the finish of a fight you"ll it is in rewarded v either a love Seal, factor Seal, Sakura Flower or Lantern. Fighting a stage battle cost 3 gold hearts. Football player are offered 100 yellow hearts per day. In the story stages players will check out a tiny bit of the developing storyline. In ~ some allude in the story players will require to choose a specific response in bespeak to earn friendship/fondness points v a particular Food Soul. You must reach a fondness level of 90 in order come unlock a certain Food Soul"s reward chest. Below we"ve listed the rewards you deserve to earn in each phase battle and also the answers to choose in Storyline step to boost fondness through a details Food Soul.

Stage fight Rewards

Stage 1-1 - love sealDtage 1-3 - heart SealStage 1-5 - reason SealStage 1-7 - reason SealStage 2-1 - love SealStage 2-3 - reason SealStage 2-5 - Sakura FlowerStage 2-7 - Lantern

Storyline phase Answers

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Story stages have actually questions the yeild fondness points.ELEXPlot stage 1-2 Questions

Need to build a home that have the right to shelter versus the wind and rain. = 15 TortoiseNo Need, We"re Food Souls anyways. = 15 Sweet and Sour FishGood idea, yet who"s gonna develop it? = None

Plot stage 1-4 Questions

Could who be comes to welcome the dark-clothed man? = 15 TortoiseBeautiful Girl = NoneA girl attracted to the sound that the flute. = 15 Sweet and Sour Fish

Plot stage 1-6 Questions

Thought about it before, but additionally gave up before. = 15 Sweet and Sour FishNever had. = 15 TortoiseThought around it prior to but i won"t execute it. = None

Plot phase 2-2 Questions

The night is perfect to clock the moon through the lakeside. = 15 TortoiseLeft in are afraid as Cloud Tea saw right through the lie. = NonePerhaps Cloud to be hurt. Feeling sorry and also regretful. = 15 Sweet and Sour Fish

Plot stage 2-4 Questions

Try saying something to no make that so awkward. = NoneForget it, we"ll simply do things separately. = 15 Sweet and Sour FishAsk castle what they think. = 15 Tortoise

Plot stage 2-6 Questions

Perhaps that was constructed by the Sakura spirit. = 15 Sweet and Sour FishCould it it is in a surprised from Wonton. = NoneBuilt by someone that knows this peach forest. = 15 Tortoise