Relationship Analysis: sour Cream’s Family

I had actually a most feelings coming off watching Drop to win Dad, and also I assumed it would be best to discover those feelings with analysing the relationship among the different personalities of tart Cream’s family. Provided there space 12 feasible 1-on-1 relationships, and 4 relationships entailing three characters, and 1 relationship including all four family members members. Math aside, that’s a many of feasible relationships come talk about and because that this analysis, I’ll it is in talking about the people pertinent come the episode.

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So to avoid additional boring anyone with numbers, let’s gain to it.

1. Vidalia has actually probably been really neutral around Marty to Sour Cream


In the next few weeks, Greg would certainly go about Beach City and also meet new people. In fact, among the first residents he’d met to be Vidalia, when she came out of the van v Marty. So after she’d uncovered out she was pregnant,they’d hit it off, probably bonding over how awful Marty was. And Amethyst would tag along.

After the fury passed, Vidalia is nice apathetic. She doesn’t prefer him, but she doesn’t want to recognize where the is or how he’s doing. She doesn’t care. Over there was probably a point in time in i m sorry she dubbed up Marty and told him, and also Marty, being Marty, tried to placate her for a while, do promises, things choose what we’d seen in Drop win Dad. In the end though, Vidalia, being the quick-thinking human she is, let the go and also wanted nothing to do with him. And that’s the price she gives Amethyst.

I incorporate the next component of their dialogue since it’s clean Vidalia didn’t clear up for Yellowtail. She chose him, and also she’s happy v her choice. She stands by it.

Amethyst: Whaaaat? Yellowtail?

Vidalia: Yeah, things simply kinda happen. *points at young cake Cream and also baby Onion’s photo* following thing, girlfriend know, I’m living with a fisherman. Hahah, you must see your face right now.

Source: SU Wiki

She endearingly calls him a fisherman, she’s had an additional child with him, and they’re happy together.


Source: SU Wiki

YT is really much there for his children. He helps raise them and also he’s over there in the moments as they prosper up. Sour Cream desires to it is in a DJ. Together someone who thrived up in a very traditional family, parental who room worried around non-conventional careers are a reality. Not all fathers deserve to be choose Greg, with his line about“Even if he doesn’t make it big, he’ll be it s okay as long as he’s law what the loves.” due to the fact that Greg’s paper definition is different. Greg has gone through that and also he finished up fine. His carwash constantly appears to be scraping by, however he’s making end meet and providing because that his son.

Yellowtail is a fisherman. It’s a classic job. Girlfriend clock in prior to the sunlight comes up, catch fish, return once the sunlight rises, and also you gain paid by your catch. It’s an extremely methodical and also systematic. Back there’s a risk of a poor catch, you recognize where to intervene in the bicycle if points aren’t panning out as expected. To countless parents, the music sector is challenging to rest into, and also even more daunting to sustain, since it’s based upon a windy opinion which constantly changes. Yellowtail knows this and it’s completely understandable that he’d be concerned about his son, who shows up not to recognize a lot around this process.

Notice in the photos the Sour Cream doesn’t show up in any of the pictures with Yellowtail. He may have had this dream at an early stage on, to which YT would certainly have constantly kept the in check. Yet there’s a very strong indicator the they speak a lot, also if it’s not around DJ-ing.

Because in happiness Ride, cake Cream code switches once he talks to Steven about Yellowtail.

Sour Cream: Ugh, mine step-dad was every on my case today saying— *makes mumbling noises* —eugh. I’m just like, i don’t want to be a fisherman. Everyone knows friend can’t rave in a raincoat, step-dad!

Source: SU Wiki

For those unaware, password switching is what bilingual or multilingual people do as soon as they switch between the matrices of your languages. Various languages have their own grammar rules, or a matrix, and also they’ll have different words to express things. Code switching is putting words from one of the languages you know right into the procession of an additional language, and also it’s not just a arbitrarily mash-up either. Over there are particular words and also contexts for those moment that other multilingual civilization will code switch.

That cake Cream not only understands YT perfectly, but can additionally to an degree speak in that language shows that they perform communicate, and YT makes it a allude to speak to the on a continual basis.


The very first thing YT does as soon as he gets home after fishing is approach his son. He desires to speak to him, and reacts violently only after see the DJ equipment. But for every YT’s talk around not wanting SC to be a DJ, he’s nice permissive.

Vidalia: Oh, whenever sour Cream starts DJing, it supplies all the electricity in the house. Great thing Yellowtail’s not here. It drives him nuts.

Source: SU Wiki

It cd driver him nuts, and he’ll more than likely complain around it nonstop, yet he doesn’t make Sour Cream protect against DJ-ing. The doesn’t force SC to litter away every his equipment. In fact, SC doesn’t have a component time job. It’s his parents that let that buy his devices in the first place, and also they’re also okay v his repurposing his old consoles for the very same DJ setup.


Marty says,“I need this, kid. Don’t it is in selfish.”

I understand a lot of of world whose parents have used that line on them after those parentscaused the difficulty in the very first place. This is standard shut-down parenting. It’s simply like“because I claimed so.” There’s no respect because that the kid in question. Cake Cream isn’t being bratty here. He’s bringing increase the very legitimate point that the rug was pulled native under his feet because his“dad” promised father-son bonding time and also instead provided it to promote a product.

And that’s no the type of parent you ever before want. Because there are times kids can it is in selfish. They’re no perfect and also many times, they’re still i can not qualify of seeing beyond themselves. Sour Cream looks to it is in hitting twenty at the an extremely least. He’s not clueless. He to know it’s not his fault and Marty is perfectly ready to pat the“don’t be selfish” card.


In the step in i m sorry he speeds to coast after the Guacola rave falls apart, tart Cream still thinks YT is saying “I told girlfriend so” to his DJ career. However YT is plainly saying something together he man the boat. So every little thing he’s speak doesn’treflect his feel of,“I’m sorry things didn’t occupational out with Marty, but I have all her things and also I support you doing your rave thing!”

Earlier in the episode, SC tells Steven,“If that doesn’t want me come DJ therefore much, why go he even bother coming to my shows?” due to the fact that YT loves him and does support him. He, Vidalia, and also Onion are at the an extremely front heat of the rave. They go to every his shows.

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They go to his concerts; lock look the end for him. They connect constantly and also they display that they median it to earlier it up. They offer him a voice and treat him with respect. That’s a lot more than have the right to be claimed for countless families.