o--------------------------------o| ns - xiii - Airyglyph Aqueducts |-------------------------------------(Iximn)-oo--------------------------------o Map Completion: 1/60 range Bunny Items: Worm-Eaten Tome, Ring Mail, Blueberries (2), Warrior"s Bracelet, new Sage Enemies: Bogle Leader, Bogle Soldier, Skeleton Soldier, Slime, Toad Beast, Water reaper Start by pressing start come centre your map. Come the ideal of the save point is ahealing pad, conserve your game and also head East. Head down, but prior to going in the room gain the chest on the appropriate for a Worm-Eaten Tome. Currently go South. In ~ the Southwest corner of this area is a ladder you have the right to climb down, just run towardsit till you take on. Follow the thin path under the waterfall to discover a Ring Mail and also Blueberries.Go back up the ladder and take the South departure out of this room, you"ll find yourself ~ above a ledge v a chest containing a Warrior"s Bracelet. Go earlier up and also exit East. Go up the steps and into the next room, native here leave South, then East and North to discover a chest through a new Sage. Go back to the large roomright ~ the bridge (South, West, north from the chest) and also exit in ~ the upperright. Departure this room come the top left for a fast scene, you"ll discover yourselfat the peak of some slippery ice. Slide down the ice, if you need to get earlier upsimply hold circle come walk.Slide under the first patch the ice, prior to sliding down the 2nd enter the roomat the corner and get the chest with Blueberries in it. Exit and slide under thesecond patch. Prepare her party and save her game. Go into the following room for aquick event.Boss:Name: giant Crab Weak: FireHp: 3500 Half: N/AMp: 80 Immune: WaterLevel: 18 Drain: N/AExp: 55Fol: 135Drop: N/A ***Boss Strategies:This boss" attacks are fairly easy to predict and block. Just his vast claw swing can break your guard and also he takes forever to charge it up giving you chance to avoid. Use this come your benefit and keep your fury meter high. When he attacks, you will certainly stun him climate you"ll have actually a chance to walk in through a an effective attack. Nel will most likely keep on optimal of healing, and also Cliff will keep the damage rolling.***Defeat huge Crab within 1 minute:I had really hard time with this, ns may have been underlevelled ns don"t know. If you have Blazing sword for Fayt, friend should have the ability to do this no problem due to the fact that he"s weak to fire, but I did not so here"s what i did to beat that (mind you it took over 15 tries because that me.)Remove Cliff and Nel from her party and also equip the Aerial ability on Fayt. You have to practice against him a bit and learn every his attacks, what you"re tryingto carry out is stand ideal in prior of him through your fury meter in ~ 100%, wait until heattacks. If he goes purple and also charges, operation behind him quickly and also use Aerial, it should deal 5-6 Mp damage. If the does any kind of other attack you will instantly block it and also stun him, now quickly use Aerial to deal 10-12 Mp damage. (Those numbers will be even greater if you have actually the Warrior"s Bracelet.)He only has actually 80 Mp so together you can see if you can acquire a device going that is possibleto kill him in much less than one minute. Periodically when friend hit the while stunned the will immediately knock you under after, there"s little I understand of to stop him native doing this, occasionally he it s okay knocked down occasionally he counterattacks.Keep trying hope he more often walk the former than the latter.***Defeat large Crab without acquisition damage:Like I said his attacks are basic to predict and block/dodge however if friend don"t want to threat it, simply once again continue to be out the the means and store Cliff and Nel healed. The battle will take longer and also tax her items however it"s not an especially hard come do.***Go ago and conserve your game.

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Now in the room where you defeated the crab when you method the ice cream be certain to host circle and walk over it, not run. If you operation it will collapse hurting you and also sending you back to the start of the room.Exit come the East and also watch the scene.