There’s a factor ‘Star Trek Continues‘ newest episode “Embracing The Wind” is not only great yet essential.

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On June third, 1969, ‘Star Trek: The Original Series‘ aired it’s last episode, entitled “Turnabout Intruder”. The episode, considered by many type of fans to be the worst of the entire original series, was focused on a “deranged crazy female” utilizing alien modern technology to take over Kirk’s body, because at the time the series aired, “womales in the 2third century” still experienced from sexism, prejudice, and discrimicountry based on gender.

The newest episode of this fantastic series concentrates on the worry of Gender Equality in Starfleet, making use of storytelling principle that among the member races of the UFP, the Tellarites, would pull out if Starfleet promotes a female to command also the USS Hood, one of only salso continuing to be Constitution class starships.

Commander Garrett, the female officer up for consideration for the position, is played beautitotally by Clare Kramer, that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘ fans might remember as substantial villain “Glory”.

Captain Kirk (depicted perfectly as always by actor Vic Mignogna) faces an honest dilemma, as he is favored to assist advocate and assist make the decision on who will come to be the Hood’s new Captain, Commanders Garrett or Spock?

What this episode delivers is an excellent nod to the final episode of the original series, while at the exact same time doing what ‘Star Trek’ does finest, take contemporary real human being worries and make us study them under a new microscopic lense.‘Star Trek Continues’ is more than just a fan film series, its spirit is ‘STAR TREK’ and also what ‘Star Trek’ stands for: hope for the future, trying to make us thrive to be much better human being while entertaining us at the same time. Erin Gray of ‘Buck Rogers‘ reprises her recurring duty as Commodore Gray, and she adds a touching touch to the worries presented, as her own experiences as a Woman in Starfleet are lugged up and also it provides some seamless explace right into not only her character yet helps streamline the as a whole topic that TOS eluded to around Gender prejudice still being “an issue” in the 2third century in a believable and also realistic means.

I have actually rewatched this new episode multiple times, and you must watch it if you are a fan of Star Trek, because it doesn’t obtain any much better than this.One last thought: It is more than implied that her future descendant will come to be Captain Rachel Garrett, Captain of the Enterprise-C… and that functions for this fan.

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