Mardi Gras Season starts For 2018 ~ above Saturday In Soulard through 12th Night Celebration

The very first parade that the 2018 Mardi Gras season will take location Saturday night in Soulard as yearly 12th Night celebration point out the begin of the carnivale season in St. Louis.

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The season will include parades, kid-friendly events, the renowned Wine, Beer and Whiskey Taste, the Taste the Soulard, the Beggin’ pets Parade, a ball and more. The season’s main event, the Bud Light grand Parade, is collection for Saturday, February 10.

The 2018 Mardi Gras season in St. Louis runs from January 6- February 13, 2018. Numerous of the occasions take ar in the Soulard neighborhood.

Well it will hopefully take place.

Revelers and other interested parties room invited come Soulard market Park start at 5 pm on Saturday, January 6th to petition the Mardi Gras board of Directors as they decision the fate that the 2018 event.

At approximately 6: 45 afternoon Saturday, the Board will announce the decision in ~ Rudy Plaza in prior of the Soulard farmers Market.

The 12th Night parade procedures off in ~ 7 afternoon from the farmers Market and also wind its means through the roads of Soulard prior to returning to Rudy Plaza. The parade will make 19 stops along the parade path to toast the season at ar bars and also restaurants such together Twisted Ranch (the an initial stop), Molly’s 1860’s, McGurk’s, iTap, epos Pizza, Llywelyn’s and also The Porch.

The Mardi Gras flag will certainly then be raised in front of Lift for Life Academy to paris high over the roadways of Soulard because that the totality of the 2018 season.

The 12th Night Parade kicks off the Mardi Gras season in Soulard. On January 6 every year. The 2018 version of the event takes ar in Soulard this Saturday.

Those who have actually attended 12th Night festivities in the previous will notification a huge chance in the night’s festivities. For countless years, 12th Night announcement was make from the measures of the “birthplace that Soulard Mardi Gras” ~ above Russell Boulevard. Johnny’s, which had actually occupied the clues for countless years, closed last year. Harpo’s currently occupies the spot, but is not a prevent on the parade.

We’ll have much more in the comes weeks top top the events planned this season, yet here is the calendar because that the 2018 Mardi Gras season.

January 6 – 12th NightJanuary 13 & 14 – Snowman softball Tournament

Coed softball takes location on Saturday through the Men’s department games taking place on Sunday.

Registration is $200 per team and can be done here.

January 20 – family Winter CarnivalJanuary 26 – Beer, Wine, and Whiskey Taste

Buy her tickets below for the Mardi Gras Beer, Wine and also Whiskey Taste in Soulard.

January 27 – Cajun Cook-Off

Buy her tickets here for the Mardi Gras Cajun Cook-Off in Soulard.

February 3 & 4 – Taste the Soulard

Enjoy all that Soulard needs to offer during the finest weekend of the year in Soulard. If the occasion takes places on Saturday and Sunday, we imply partaking in this occasion on Saturday and also returning come Soulard top top Sunday for the Beggin’ pets Parade.

Buy your $25 ticket booklets here for Taste of Soulard. 

February 3 – Missouri Lottery operation For her Beads 5K

Get your actions in before you eat your way through Soulard by to run in the Missouri Lottery operation For your Beads 5k.

Register because that the Missouri Lottery run For her Beads 5k here.

February 4 – Beggin’ pet Parade

The largest collection of costumed pets in the human being gather in Soulard for the Beggin’ pet Parade, following this year ~ above Sunday, February 4.

Read much more about the Beggin’ pet Parade here.

February 4 – Wiener Dog Derby

While you’re out enjoying the pet Parade, be certain to check out the Wiener Dog Derby as well. Have actually a dachshund? placed your dog come the test. 

February 9 – Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball

St. Luigi may have a brand-new mayor, but the component will go on the night prior to the cool Parade at Saint luigi City hall rotunda in downtown St. Louis.

The classiest event of the season raises money for the Mardi Gras foundation to advantage community establishments in Soulard and also around the St. Louis area.

If you desire to storage Mardi Gras in style, you should be viewed at the Mayor’s Ball. 

February 10 – Bud irradiate Mardi Gras cool Parade

When human being think the Mardi Gras in St. Louis, they room most likely thinking that the Bud Light grand Parade. That goes under on Saturday February 10 in Soulard.

The parade kicks turn off at 11 am from Busch Stadium and also proceeds south to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Reap a complete day that music and also debauchery in Soulard before and after the parade.

The best means to reap Grand Parade job in Soulard is come buy a pass to an all-inclusive tent. The Bud irradiate Party tent is a well-known option.

New this year is the Blues Alumni Party Tent. Gain the parade native a private, boil tent through food from Syberg’s, an open up bar and the company of St. Louis Blues alumni.

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