Take a look at in her kitchen. There are bowls everywhere! You use one key to mix dried ingredients, an additional bowl come mix wet ingredients, and also yet an additional bowl to serve. So numerous bowls, so countless trips to the sink … that really has actually time? This to be Tyler Peoples’ train of thought as soon as he developed All-In-One Scooping Bowl v his brand, individuals Design. That is one key to preeminence them all. One key for every kitchen need, saving house chefs time and also effort (not to point out water). Individuals is one award-winning cook in Colorado Springs that wanted to create a product that can improve day-to-day life, starting in the kitchen.

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 The Peoples style All-In-One Scooping bowl is a mix of countless necessary kitchen tools, all in one place. Make in lightweight, sturdy plastic it is BPA free, the bowl features simple dual handles and also a built-in contoured spatula. This simple addition makes it straightforward to scoop batters, dips and also other messy ingredient from the inside—without one extra tool. Due to the fact that it has actually a super-snug fit, girlfriend don’t need to wipe that clean after every use, either. Simply scrape and also move on come the next use.

 You can likewise use the Scooping bowl as a colander, as the integrated pour spout allows water come pass with without fear of accidentally dumping fruits, veggies or soups right into the sink. The very same spout help the All-In-One Bowl different eggs with ease. The bowl holds a hearty 5 quarts, therefore it’s designed come be best for mixing, making and also serving a selection of dishes. You can also use the silicon spatula as a divider, to organize two foods right in the exact same bowl.


 Peoples Design’s Scooping bowl was designed by a skilled chef, to advantage the at-home chef. Peoples’ very own background in fix up art and also restaurants have actually come together to lug this product come market. In Colorado Springs, Peoples operated as a Chef at Springs Rescue Mission, offer the homeless and others in need. He very first got into food preparation as a means to fund his love of art. In the process, he realized his true love of helping people. This is a huge part of what has actually helped Peoples architecture begin to thrive in the kitchenware market.

 At a time when cooking at residence is completely praise-worthy, the All-In-One Scooping key from Peoples design has been crafted to it is in the perfect tool. With the love of the company on innovating because that the services of others, individuals is mix up a perfect recipe for kitchen success.

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UPDATE: The Scooping key was briefly offered under the surname Squeebie Multi-Purpose mix Bowl. This product is no much longer available.