Spectrum TV application Error Codes: top top a streaming service, Spectrum has actually one the the greatest live TV channel portfolios. The change from cable come streaming service, top top the various other hand, hasn't been straightforward for many Spectrum subscribers. The Spectrum application for TV and also mobile, like other newcomers come the video clip streaming industry, occasionally displays errors that disrupt user viewing experience. Check out this short article includes Spectrum TV app Error Codes and how to solve it in straightforward methods.

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Spectrum TV application Error Codes

SpectrumTV.com and the Spectrum app provide access to the best entertainment, sports, news, documentaries, and more. Spectrum application is available for Android, iOS, Roku, Samsung smart TV, and Xbox. It's also available to watch on SpectrumTV.com. The Spectrum app for TV and also mobile, choose other new entrants in the content streaming market, periodically throws up errors that disrupt users' city hall experience. Listed below is the list of Spectrum TV app Error Codes.

#1 Spectrum TV application for iOS Error Codes

IVS-1001Channel Unavailable
IUC-9000Service temporary Unavailable
IFE-1004Check Connection
ILP-9000Channel Unavailable
IGE-9000Generic Error
ILI-1127Auto access Denied
ILI-9000Unable to finish Request
ILP-999Unable to complete Request
ILI-1010Unable to authorize In
IVS-1003Stream service Failed

DGE-1001Service temporary Unavailable
DFE-1004Check Connection
DVS-1004Unable to complete Request
DVS-1001Channel Unavailable
DLP-999Unable to complete Request
DLC-1001Behind Modem service Error
DLI-1010Unable to sign In
DCM-1000STB tune Failure
DVP-999Unable to complete Request
DCM-1602Unable to Play

SLP-1035Program Unavailable
SLP-999Unable to complete Request
SUC-1002Service in the interim Unavailable
SLP-1999Unable to complete Request
SLC-1001Unable to complete Request
SVP-1108Unable come Play
SLP-1002Channel Unavailable
SCF-1003Check Connection
SUC-1107Upgrade to clock Live TV
SCH-1002Unable to complete Request

XOD-1000Spectrum TV Unavailable
XLP-1003Spectrum TV Unavailable
XFE-1004Check Connection
XEN-1003Service temporarily Unavailable
XLC-1001Spectrum TV Unavailable
XLP-1035Spectrum TV Unavailable
XHP-1000Spectrum TV Unavailable
XLI-9000Spectrum TV Unavailable
XLP-999Unable to finish Request
XGU-1006Program details Unavailable

RGE-1001Service Unavailable
RGU-1007Info Unavailable




Update Required
RLP-1035Program Unavailable
RCH-1000Service Unavailable
RLP-999Unable to complete Request
RLP-1001Unable to Play
RLP-1006Unable come Play
RLI-1017Bad machine Verifier
RLI-1027Auto accessibility Denied

What does Spectrum Error password RGE-1001 Mean?

When making use of the Spectrum app, RGE-1001 is one of the most typical error codes you'll see. If your home Wi-Fi isn't functioning properly, you'll notice this error code. So, the RGE-1001 error code suggests that there are some challenges with your residence Wi-Fi network that should be resolved.

How to solve spectrum Error password RGE-1001?

Check every one of your Wi-Fi relations if this error code appears. If any type of connections space loose, securing them need to solve the problem.

If the doesn't work, you can need to restart your Wi-Fi. Remove it from the mains supply, wait a few moments, then plug it ago in to check out if the RGE-1001 error code disappears.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

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If you're having worries using the Spectrum TV application on her Samsung clever TV, youcan troubleshoot the problem by uninstalling and also reinstalling the app. Come uninstall the app:Navigate come the clever Hub panel and also select Apps. Select My Apps, then pick the choices icon in ~ the top of the screen.

Error password SCH-1002 –Restart Spectrum TV App. Error code SLC-1001 – attach to your Home-Wifi and also restart the app. Some mirrors or networks are not easily accessible on internet link outside her Home-Wifi. Error password SVP-1108 – Restart Spectrum TV App.

ILI-9000 –Unable to finish Request: Wait for part time, and then restart the app and try to sign in again.

Try restarting your laptop orturning off your deviceand wait 60 seconds before turning it ago on. If you're utilizing the Spectrum TV application and transforming off your maker didn't help, uninstall and also reinstall the app.

To begin streaming shows and also channels, download the Spectrum TV app with her Apple TV, Roku, Samsung smart TV, or iOS or Android mobile an equipment and affix to your property's WiFi. You can alsovisit SpectrumTV.com. The Spectrum TV app offers up to 300 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On need TV shows and also movies.

Contract dispute gets rid of SpectrumTV app from the Roku streaming store. Spectrum cable client who use a streaming machine to access their cable networks on extra TVs have one fewer choice — at least for now.

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The channel girlfriend selected isn't currently available. Wait a few minutes, climate restart the app and shot again. IGE-9000 -GenericError. Wait a few minutes, then restart the application and shot again.