Here in ~ Humane ft Wayne, we job-related not only to administer care for your unique pets but likewise to carry out safe and loving dwellings for those pets who execute not have actually one. Currently, a vast majority of homeless cats and also dogs are being euthanized and one means we can aid in reducing these numbers is by making sure to readily administer services come spay or neuter her pet.

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In addition, spaying/neutering your pet provides them much less likely to operation away, bite, and also urine mark/spray. Spaying and neutering deserve to even remove messy heat cycles and prevents the likelihood of occurring certain species of cancer. We understand you love animals, particularly your feline friend and canine cutie, therefore let’s keep them whereby they should be, healthy!



Includes cone & pain medicine$75.00


Includes cone & pains medicine$125.00

For Clients that live in ~ the 46802, 46803, 46805, 46806, & 46808 Zip Codes

These zones room reflective of help the community’s highest possible risk pets to mitigate euthanasia and shelter intake.Dogs $85.00 & cat $50.00

Outdoor ar Cat Package

Includes spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, microchip, ache medication and also ear tip.$35.00

Preoperative Blood Work

Blood work required prior to surgery for an elderly animals$60.00

Hernia Repair







Undescended testicles$40.00


Uterine infection$75.00

City Registration: 1 Year

Your pet must be spayed/neutered, current on rabies, and microchipped$5.00

City Registration: lifetime of the Pet

Your pet should be spayed/neutered, present on rabies, and also microchipped$30.00

City Registration: senior Citizen life time of the Pet

Your pet must be spayed/neutered, current on rabies, and also microchipped$5.00


Pets must be 3 months and at the very least 3 pounds because that surgery.Giant breed dogs must have senior blood occupational completed prior to surgery beginning at 5 year of age.Non-giant-breed dogs and also any cat must have senior blood work completed prior to surgery beginning at 8 years of age.Additional services such together vaccines are obtainable for your pet at secondary cost top top the job of surgery. You will be able to include those when scheduling or on the work of surgery here at the clinic.If your pet is existing on vaccines – please lug the present rabies certificate or proof of vaccinations from her veterinarian v you the job of your pet’s surgery.Drop off time is 7:30 AM because that dogs and 8 AM for cats having actually surgery.Pick increase time is 3:15 pm because that dogs or 3:45 for cat unless called otherwise. As result of the high volume that clients, there might be a wait to choose up her pet. Mean pick up to take some time and also please arrangement accordingly.You may send an additional family member or friend to drop off or pick up your pet as long as we space made aware of this.Late drop-offs for surgery appointments often result in surgical treatment needing to it is in rescheduled.We recommend the all pets are vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to surgery appointment.There may be additional charges if her pet calls for antibiotics, flea medication, or fluids.Surgery prices encompass the expense of pain medications.An Elizabethan collar (cone) is consisted of in your pet’s surgery and is highly recommended because that all animals except masculine cats and community (trapped) cats.Male animals are neutered, Female pets are spayed.All pet will obtain a tiny tattoo throughout surgery.There will be second charge if her pet is pregnant, in heat, cryptorchid (testicles not descended), has actually a reducible hernia, is obese, or has actually a pyometra (infection the the uterus).

1. To schedule your pet because that surgery, contact us in ~ 260-420-7729 or schedule virtual here.

2. Us recommend the your pets receives their Bordetella and Distemper vaccines 2 weeks prior to surgery to ensure that they perform not contract this from an unvaccinated animal. If your animal is not vaccinated we can provide the vaccines at the time of surgery, however, they will not be defended until two weeks after receiving the vaccine.

3. All animals aged 5 months and under may have actually 1/4 that their continuous meal offered no later than 6 am the day of surgery. All pets 6 months and also older need to have actually food withdrawn by midnight prior to having surgery. Please proceed to provide water. Pets should be maintained indoors or confined. Any type of pet that remained external all night without gift confined will certainly not be admitted for surgery (excluding feral cats).

4. Drop turn off time for Dogs is 7:30 a.m. And Cats is 8:00 a.m. Fall off might take at least 30 minutes. Please arrangement accordingly. Us ask the you wait in line through your pet(s) and we will allow 3-4 client in to check in at a time. Our surgical procedure schedule is very busy and your pet may be refuse for surgery if you carry out not come on time.

5. All dogs should be ~ above a leash and all cats must be in a different carrier. If you execute not have a transport for your cat, you can purchase a cardboard carrier for $5.00, plus taxation at our front desk. Ar Cats, or free-roaming cats, should be in different humane live trap/carriers.

6. The is state law that your pet be current on that rabies vaccination. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination v you on the day of her pet’s surgery. Tags will certainly not be accepted. If your pet is not updated, we will require to administer the vaccine at the time of surgical treatment for $16.00.

7. Choose up time for dogs is 3:15 pm and also pick increase time for cat is 3:45 pm. Autumn off may take at least 30 minutes. Please plan accordingly. You will certainly be provided a copy of her post-operative instructions. Staff have the right to go over any kind of questions you may have.

8. We carry out not board pets. However, if you execute not pick up her pet at the designated time, you will be charged an extra $10.00 so late pick-up fee, every animal, and Humane fort Wayne to make reservation the right to surrender your animals to pet Control.

9. We sell City pet Registrations.$5 per year (if her pet is spayed/neutered and also current top top rabies); $30 because that the life time of your pet (if your dog is spayed/neutered, present on rabies, and also microchipped); $5 an elderly citizen lifetime (if her dog is spayed/neutered, existing on rabies, and also microchipped)

The recovery period after surgical treatment is 10-14 days. It is imperative that you save your pet from running, jumping or stormy playing throughout this time frame. They have to take it straightforward after surgery to cure properly.

10 work After Surgery 

Calm and QuietNo RunningNo JumpingCats have to Remain IndoorsDogs have to Be to walk on a LeashDogs should Not Sleep Outside

14 job After Surgery 

No BathingNo SwimmingNo experienced Dog GroomingE-Collars continued if your pet is quiet trying to chew incision or very activeDogs have to Not be Left out on a ChainFemales who Were in heat Should it is in Separated indigenous MalesE-Collars and also Cones need to Be Worn (except masculine cats and also feral cats)

Your pet may develop a tiny lump under the incision that is called a seroma. A seroma occurs if your pet is running and jumping more than lock should. Do your finest to decrease her pet’s activity. The seroma need to go away together the scratch heals and also poses no medical worry towards your pet.

Look in ~ The scratch Every DayIt is crucial that you check your pet’s incision at the very least twice a day to ensure there is no redness, swelling, or bleeding. It can take approximately 4 months for the internal sutures to fully dissolve. The first day after ~ surgery must be once the incisions look the worst and also it should enhance daily. If you view anything that concerns you, contact us best away.

Unless you space told otherwise, her pet does no have exterior sutures. All sutures space absorbable ~ above the inside and also the really outer great of skin is held together with surgical glue. Perform not clean or apply topical ointment to the scratch site. If you are told that your pet has skin sutures or skin staples, lock will have to return in 7-10 work to have those removed. Male cats carry out not have any type of sutures, and also they deserve to groom your incisions to save them clean.

Keep your Pet(s) Calm and SeparateIt is important to store your pet separate from various other pets in the residence the night after their surgery, together they may still be feeling the results of drugs and also anesthesia. Over the next 10-14 days, please use your best judgement when permitting your pets to interact with other pets and/or kids in the household.

If ours doctor noted that your female pet was in warmth – keep her different from intact males for at the very least 2 weeks.

Elizabethan Collars (E-Collars/Cones)Collars help to avoid your pet from licking their incision. To protect against infection, have actually your pet wear the e-collar because that a minimum the 10 days unless told otherwise. Your pet should have the ability to eat and also sleep v their hat on. You may take it turn off while they are eating, yet you have to watch castle the whole time and replace the cone once they room done.

FoodOffer her pet fifty percent of the size of their normal meal and also water once you obtain home. Though her pet may not it is in hungry tonight (this is normal), perform NOT sell them anything extra. NO TREATS OR TABLE SCRAPS. Continuous eating behavior should return in ~ 24-48 hours.

Pain MedicationDogs will certainly go residence with one day’s worth of pain medication. Girlfriend should start to give this medicine in the morning the following day. Instructions will certainly be on the bottle. Cats execute NOT go home with pains medication due to the fact that we gave them medication that will certainly last in their mechanism for 3-4 days.

Surgical TattooYour pet will obtain a small, green tattoo near the incision site. This tattoo is not another incision—it’s simply a tiny score in the height layers the the skin filled through tattoo ink and also covered with surgical glue. The tattoo will certainly ensure that anyone analyzing your animal will understand they have actually been sterilized.

If friend have any kind of concerns over your pet’s incision or health, please call the office appropriate away. (The after-hours Emergency number is published on the paperwork that will certainly come out v your pet).We see any Surgical Recheck Appointments in ~ 4:00 pm Monday – Friday (Please speak to ahead if possible). There is no charge for the visit itself.We strongly recommend that your pets wears the e-collar detailed at surgery.If your pet starts licking your incision and requires antibiotics together a result, you will be responsible for the cost of any kind of required medication which is generally around $15 and will be coupled v a mandatory e-collar in ~ $5.00.

How go spay/neuter save lives?

For every one kid born, there are seven pets born. At this price there will never be enough houses for all of them. This outcomes in numerous of them being euthanized in shelters simply since they to be born. Through sterilizing our pets we assist reduce the number being born v no residences to walk to, ensuring that much more of lock will have a family members of their own for life.

Why need to I spay/neuter my pet?

In addition to an unwanted litter, spayed/neutered pet are:

Less most likely to run awayLess most likely to biteMore trainableHave no messy warm cyclesLess likely to urine mark and/or sprayLess most likely to build certain species of cancer

When have to I have my pet spayed/neutered?

Your pet must be at the very least 3 months old and weigh at the very least 3 pounds. Additionally, her pet should be healthy enough for the surgery, which ours vets will certainly determine prior to the surgery.

*Please note: If her pet has received any type of steroidal injections in the past 30 work we require to know that when you schedule them because that surgery.

What if I can not afford come spay/neuter mine animal?

We have actually options accessible for gaue won assistance. Please call us for much more information.

What if my pet never leaves our yard or home?

Although it might be your intention the your pet never ever leaves her yard or home, mishaps do happen and also it just takes one to escape to end up through a litter the furbabies. Just ask your local pet control officer how plenty of times he or she has heard the one! the is these unplanned litters that fare the worst.

Does low cost mean low quality?

Absolutely not! our clinic adheres to a clinical protocol version dictated through the Humane Alliance and also the American Veterinary medical Association. For an ext information top top our medical protocols visit

Do you usage a real veterinarian?

Yes. All vets employed by HFW are licensed and hold a Doctorate of veterinary Medicine. Each of ours vets has actually years of endure in a private practice setting, and also in a high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinic. Additionally, ours vets proceed to increase their educations through committed training in spay/neuter surgery.

What around pain medication because that my pet?

We consider the comfort of your pet our priority. Every pet patients get two injections that pain medication while in our care. Patient are also sent home with dental pain medication (at no additional cost to you) come ensure their comfortable recovery.

Will my pet need to have actually staples or sutures removed?

Under normal conditions, we usage two approaches of closeup of the door the surgical site. The inside has been closed using sutures especially designed to absorb during the healing process; no removed is necessary. The outer part of the surgical site has actually been closed using a surgical glue the dissolves during the healing process, together well.

Should mine female cat/dog have actually one litter or warm cycle before spaying?

No; this is a typical misconception. There is no clinical or behavioral benefit come waiting till after a pet’s very first litter/heat cycle before spaying. Top top the contrary, spaying her pet before the very first heat/litter can reduce the danger of medical complications under the road.

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The surgical procedure Schedules because that November & December space FULL. The surgical procedure Schedule because that January 2022 opens up up December sixth after 9am.

Payment is early out at the time of choose up. We expropriate cash only. After surgery is completed an updated total (total is subject to readjust depending ~ above required extr services*) e-link to pay virtual will be easily accessible if credit/debit is preferred.

Pets have to be at least 3 months and also 3 pounds for surgery, and also in an excellent general health. A blood work-related panel is required before surgery for gigantic breed dogs at 5 years and older, and at 8 years and over for all other dogs and also cats.

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Community Cats can be brought into the clinic Monday with Thursday in ~ 8AM top top a walk-in basis. Learn an ext about the neighborhood Cat regime below.