My friend and I are using a projected ship for our fighter. The has numerous hydrogen thrusters top top it and also a hydrogen tank. Us can't figure out how to fill up the hydrogen tank and also get the thrusters come work, the ion people work, us don't know around the atmospheric ones have the right to anyone help us?


Atmospheric Thrusters operation on Power prefer Ions yet only carry out 100% thrust as much as 6k ish meters? over 6k they shed thrust, really rapidly.

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If the ship has actually a Hydrogen Engine - to fill it through ice and also wait until the H2 tanks have actually some % fuel. Depending on the build you should affix it come a currently filled Hydrogen Tank and also pump fuel over.

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Don't shot to usage a hydrogen engine to make hydrogen, use an h2/o2 generator for that. Hydrogen engines burn hydrogen to make power.

Put ice right into an H2 generator the is connected to a pair hydrogen tanks on her base. An ext H2 gens will certainly go faster. Then it can procedure ice while girlfriend fly and also refill when you come land

You have the right to either have actually a connector that offers conveyors going right into the hydro tank or have actually an o2/h2 generator linked to it with ice as fuel

To fill a hydrogen tank, affix it with conveyors and/or connectors to something that has actually hydrogen available, and turn ~ above stockpile.

You deserve to take the hydrogen from an additional tank as long as that is not stockpiling, or indigenous a it is provided h2/o2 generator that has actually ice come process.

Set the tank you desire filling come ‘stockpile’ it’ll draw gas from other storage come fill that tank, advantageous if you’re parked in base or want to transfer before grinding a ship

Take keep in mind that hydrogen thrusters work differently than electric thrusters. Hydrogen thrusters should be linked to appropriate ports so that they have the right to use the hydrogen that space in the tanks. Additionally note that to to fill the tanks you can either have o2/h2 generators ~ above the delivery or if you are connected to a terminal that has a supply of hydrogen easily accessible you can put the pearls tanks in to make reservation mode. The fills the tanks on the ship. Warning though. Before disconnecting native the station make certain you have collection stockpile to turn off or rather the tanks will not administer hydrogen to the engines.

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Thank you for the help! I appreciate everyone that has responded! i have another question though. Perform I must put bunch of bottles inside the tank?


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