Soul Points and gold in SoulCalibur vi are vital to making your original characters as powerful and pretty together possible. Heart Points (SP) are more valuable due to the fact that they unlock museum bonuses and permit players to acquisition cosmetic item in development mode (referred to as develop a Soul in previous games). Museum unlocks space limited, but Soul points are highly sought after ~ to design your very own custom character through incredible detail. Gold is provided in Mission: Libra of heart mode and also is essential to acquisition weapons and items that impact your tradition character’s stats.

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that creation mode characters and Libra the Souls created characters are different. Character Creation permits you to usage custom characters in Arcade and Ranked matches, when the created personalities in Libra of Souls monitor a different Mission journey. 

Let’s take it a watch at how to gain Soul Points and gold most efficiently, and how you deserve to trade one for the various other in the quest for the many “creative” SoulCalibur build.

How to earn heart Points

SP is shared throughout modes and also is connected with your online ID, therefore earning points in one area that the game will help you accumulate throughout. Here are a few ways girlfriend can get SP, in addition to the amount you’ll earn.

50/100/150/200 SPA an excellent way to begin earning soul Points is by efficiently completing Arcade mode. How quickly you finish the setting along with challenge settings factor into how numerous points girlfriend gain. Beat Arcade mode with every character to multiply her winnings, or top top Legendary an obstacle for a whopping 300 points.
50 SPA quick way to gain Soul point out is come win online ranked matches. The perfect reason to get out the arcade mode and test your skills. (Don’t confuse rank points with heart Points!)
200 SPGain added points by completing individual personality stories
2000 SPSuccessfully finish “Story: soul Chronicle"" mode once to success 2000 SP. The downfall is the this is awarded only once.

For more detail ~ above accumulating spirit Points, take a look in ~ Anamana’s handy guide below.

Acquiring gold and exchanging for soul Points

Mission: Libra of soul is like an RPG built into SoulCalibur, taking up a an excellent portion of the game. Creating a personality is essential. Favor any good RPG, you have actually tons of options to select from. 

Once in Libra of soul mode, her character offers gold to travel and also buy items. Players generally use gold to increase character stats, but it’s also important to monitor your take trip costs. The farther you room from one expedition, the much more gold you need to spend to acquire there. 

The quickest means to earn gold is to finish side quests, especially Green Medal searches that net a most currency. Girlfriend can also win gold in battles. Purchase items and also food that provide gold multiplier after chapter 4 to amplify earnings. 


Probably the many coveted aspect of yellow in SoulCalibur is its profession value with heart Points. As soon as you reach Chapter Two, you go into the town of Dhaka whereby the world map opens up v quests, and also your capability to trade begins. If she looking for much more SP, remember the 5,000 gold is worth 100 SP in the currency Exchange market. It might not seem like much, yet it’s feasible to grind a many battles and quests in a reasonably short amount of time.

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Ready to show off your tailored Character creation in the SoulCalibur VI open Series? Grind those soul Points and sign up this day to display us what girlfriend got.