This is a inquiry I am gift asked much more and more often therefore I believed I’d give you a brief overview that what it is, why that exists and what can be done around it.

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In stimulate to regulate the use of the API (the company which gives the data for 3rd party applications such as TweetDeck) sets a limit on how many times it deserve to be provided in one hour. This limit uses to her account rather than the applications which do the calls to the API i.e. You have actually 100 API calls every hour in total regardless of i beg your pardon applications you use - the is no 100 API calls per application. The is likewise important to note that this limit only uses to third party applications, the website does not use it’s own API (mmm no seem particularly fair) and therefore has actually no limits.

UPDATE: 3rd party applications clear include desktop and web based clients yet less-obviously they additionally include the widget on her which reflects the last couple of tweets girlfriend made, the facebook applications which cross short articles your tweets to your facebook status and so on etc essentially any software where you’ve entered your username & password.

So what constitutes an API call? Strictly speak every procedure which communicates with is one API call, what us really need to recognize is i beg your pardon API calls have an influence on the 100 phone call limit. Thesimplestway come think about this is every contact to the API which requests data will count in the direction of your limit. So when TweetDeck updates the all Tweets, Replies or straight Messages columns this would count as 1 speak to each as would certainly viewing a rwcchristchurchappeal.comers profile (this actually expenses two calls, one for the file itself and one for the archive of their sent tweets).

Sending data to (posting), such as posting an update or a direct message, favoriting a tweet, unfollowing or following a user, does no count in the direction of the limit and you can continue to do so even when your price limit has actually been exceeded. Also, updates come the search, groups, twitscoop and 12seconds columns do not count towards the rate limit because the data does no (directly) come via the API.

If you use up her 100 API phone call in the hour then you will check out the “rate border exceeded” message in TweetDeck and also will not carry out any updates till the hour is up. The all Tweets, Replies & DM columns in TweetDeck will show up to it is in frozen. In ~ the finish of the hour the rate limit will certainly be reset and also you will start getting updates again. You can view your rate limit standing in the optimal right edge of TweetDeck.

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So what have the right to you do to avoid the “rate limit exceeded” messageand what can you do if you gain it? unfortunately not very much. This is a enforced limitation quite than a TweetDeck one but I would imply the adhering to to minimize the risk:

only ever run one applications at a time, also if you not using the others make certain they are closed try not come over usage the refresh button - this will expense you 3 calls every click (All Tweets, Replies & DMs) UPDATE: try lowering the full % in the settings window, API tab to about 60-70% - you’ll gain less regular updates however you’ll use less API if friend do gain the price limit exceeded message then make a note of your reset time displayed in the peak right edge of TweetDeck, TweetDeck will certainly not get any kind of updates till this time (so it might be a goodopportunityto gain a coffee) - girlfriend CAN continue to short article messages, you simply won’t see any type of responses likewise if you do get the price limit exceeded, close down your applications and also then reopen then at the reset time (see above)

UPDATE: good advice from
warzabidul “If human being are having limit difficulties just gain them to reset their password (on the website)…Worked well for me when I reset the password.”

I expect this helps define the API limit a bit more, it can gain rather complicated. That not suitable scenario yet if this regulate keeps running more stably climate it’s clearly worthwhile.