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I am absolutely appalled by the inefficiency, unavailability and overall incompetence of the staff at the SS office in New Albany, Indiana. I have been trying to correct inaccuracies in my case as well as get my late husband's SS number for filing spousal benefits.Whoever is at extension 19731is completely ignoring my requests. Her message says that she "can't return any phone calls" so how am I supposed to speak with her? She never answers her phone and I have called 12 times this week, not including the 9 times before noon today. Is there another employee who will help me?

One area of improvement that I would suggest for your office is to work on the courtesy of the agent who answers the phone. People who call this number are not going to be experts on all the details of applying for Medicare.

I"ve been calling about my sons disability back pay I"m not able to work because of covid and his health issues, she sent a letter stating once she got his bank information shed deposit his back pay hasn"t said its installment every six months. I"ve called and left number of voicemail she will not return my calls she has been rude and disrespectful every time I need get advanced on his back pay due to me not able to work and bills need paid and my car needs fix.

I would like to know if they accepted my application so that they could send me my insurance number card


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Opening Up a MySocialSecurity Account If you paid in to Social Security or are looking for benefits, you will need to open a "my Social Security" account. This is an online account directly from the Social Security Administration that lets you keep track of and manage your SSA benefits, and allows you to make changes to your Social Security record. My Social Security Account Getting a Social Security Card OR Replacing A Social Security Card OR Correcting A Social Security Card 1. Learn what documents you"ll need to get an original, replacement, or corrected Social Security card, whether it"s for a child or adult, U.S. citizen or noncitizen. Documents List. 2. Read the instructions for and fill out an application for a new, replacement, or corrected card. Social Security Forms 3. Social Security cards aren"t processed online. Print your application and find out where to take it in person or mail it. Missing Social Security Checks or Payments Contact the agency. The paying agency will provide you instructions on how to file a claim File the claim with the paying agency. (800) 772-1213. Supplemental Security Income Pays benefits based on financial need. Social Security Disability Public social insurance programs that replace income lost because of a physical or mental impairment severe enough to prevent a previously employed person from working. Monthly cash benefits are paid to the eligible individual with a disability and his or her eligible dependents throughout the period of disability. SSI SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities who meet the financial limits. People who have worked long enough may also be able to receive Social Security disability or retirement benefits as well as SSI.