Mold Max™ Silicones space tin-cured silicone rubber compound that have exceptional functioning properties and also library life. Mold Max™ Silicones attribute’s exclude, “Libra™” catalyst for lengthy library life. Mold Max™ silicones deserve to be pigmented v Silc Pig™ silicone colorants.

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Pot life for the pourable silicones is 45 minutes and also they cure overnight at room temperature.

Vacuum degassing mixed material using a vacuum pump and chamber to remove entrapped wait is recommended.


Mold Max™ Silicones will give birth the ideal detail and are an ideal for a variety of industrial and art associated applications including making molds for reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and also architectural elements.Mold Max™ 30 can be thickened through THI-VEX™ additive for brush-on applications.Mold Max™ Silicones can be offered to cast a range of materials including wax, gypsum, low melt alloys/metals and urethane, epoxy or polyester resins (without utilizing a release agent).

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Important - you need to weigh component A & B components using a gram scale to be effective with Mold Max™ silicones.

Safety – usage in a appropriately ventilated area (“room size” ventilation). Wear safety and security glasses, lengthy sleeves and also rubber gloves to minimize air pollution risk. Stay vinyl gloves only. Latex gloves will inhibit the cure of the rubber.

Store and use product at room temperature (73°F/23°C). Storing product at warmer temperature will likewise reduce the usable shelf life of unused material. These products have a restricted shelf life and should be supplied as quickly as possible.

Applying a Sealer / release Agent - Mold Max™ rubber may be inhibited through sulfur based clays leading to tackiness at the pattern user interface or a complete lack the cure transparent the mold. If compatibility between the rubber and the surface is a concern, a small-scale test is recommended. Apply a little amount of rubber onto a non-critical area that the pattern. Inhibition has arisen if the rubber is gummy or uncured ~ the recommended cure time has passed. To avoid inhibition, a “barrier coat” of clear acrylic lacquer sprayed directly onto the sample is usually effective. Enable to extensively dry. Return not commonly necessary, a relax agent will certainly make demolding much easier when casting into or over most surfaces. Ease Release™ 200 is a proven release agent for making molds through silicone rubber and for releasing brand-new silicone from cured silicone. Mann ease Release™ commodities are obtainable from or her distributor.

MEASURING & mix - before you begin, pre-mix component B extensively to re-disperse pigments the may have actually settled. Using a gram scale, dispense required amounts of parts A and also B into a mixing container and mix because that 3 minutes. Scrape the sides and also bottom of the container number of times. After ~ mixing components A and also B, vacuum degassing is encourage to eliminate any entrapped waiting in fluid rubber. Your vacuum pump have to pull a minimum of 29 inches of mercury (or 1 Bar / 100 KPa). Leave enough room in container for product expansion. Vacuum product until the rises, breaks and also falls. Vacuum because that 1 minute after product falls.

Pouring / Curing / article Curing - For ideal results, pour her mixture in a solitary spot at the lowest point of the containment field. Permit the rubber seek its level up and over the model. A uniform circulation will help minimize entrapped air. The liquid rubber have to level off at least 1/2” (1.3 cm) over the highest point of the design surface. Allow the mold to cure overnight (at the very least 16 hrs) at room temperature (73°F/23°C) prior to demolding. Short article curing the mold secondary 4 hrs at 150°F (65°C) will certainly eliminate any kind of residual moisture and also alcohol the is a byproduct that the condensation reaction that have the right to inhibit the healing of part urethane resins and rubbers. Enable mold to cool to room temperature prior to using. Perform not cure rubber wherein temperature is much less than 65°F/18°C.

Thickening Mold Max™ Silicones for Brush-on Application - THIVEX™ is made specifically for thickening’s Mold Max™ 30 silicone for vertical surface ar application (making brush-on molds). Various viscosities have the right to be attained by differing the lot of THI-VEX™. Apply a thin coat that rubber. Wait because that rubber to become “tacky” before applying next coat. Final mold thickness need to be at the very least 3/8” (1 cm). Allow rubber to cure overnight before using support shell. Check out the THI-VEX™ technical bulletin (available from or her distributor) for complete details.

Accelerating Mold Max™ Silicones - FastCat™ 30 silicone rubber accelerator will accelerate the healing time the Mold Max™ 30 silicone rubber. Usage in location of (or in combination with) Mold Max™ regular component B catalyst, FastCat™ 30 for Mold Max 30 will mitigate the demold time native overnight to as small as 30 minutes. View the technological bulletin because that FastCat™ 30 for specific mix ratios and also cure times. Utilizing these accelerators will an outcome in a much shorter library life the the mold.

Thinning Mold Max™ Silicones - Silicone Thinner™ is a non-reactive silicone fluid that will reduced the combined viscosity of tin cure (condensation) or platinum cure (addition) silicone rubber products. Silicone Thinner™ supplies the complying with advantages: <1> A reduced mixed viscosity (A+B) method that the rubber will certainly de-air faster when vacuuming; <2> blended rubber (A+B) will flow better over intricate model detail; <3> Silicone Thinner™ will reduced the ultimate shore hardness (durometer) the cured silicone rubber; <4> Pot life (working time) is boosted in proportion come the amount of Silicone Thinner™ used. A disadvantage is that ultimate tear and tensile are decreased in proportion come the lot of Silicone Thinner™ added, however knotty tear properties of the Mold Max™ collection rubbers are unaffected. that is not recommended come exceed 10% by load of complete system (A+B). see the Silicone Thinner™ technical bulletin (available indigenous SmoothOn or her distributor) for complete details.

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Mold performance & Storage - The physics life that the mold counts on how you usage it (materials cast, frequency, etc.). Casting abrasive products such together concrete can quickly erode mold detail, while spreading non-abrasive products (wax) will not affect mold detail. Prior to storing, the mold must be cleaned v a soap solution and also wiped fully dry. Two component (or more) molds need to be assembled. Molds should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry environment.

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