Social media app TikTok continues to overcome our culture, developing everything indigenous hit pop songs come dance difficulties to society movements. The emergence of a new trend now has actually TikTok individuals taking part in a distinctive backyard sport: slip and slide kickball.

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The hashtag #slipandslidekickball — which currently has much more than 11 million see — gives several examples of the wet and also wild sport. The game attributes the same way as kickball: after ~ kicking, players round a diamond of three bases to reach residence base and also score.

The large twist, of course, is the this version of the classic game uses small wading pools as bases, v slippery plastic tarps in in between ensuring a dramatic slide every time.

The game has been popular on tik for some time, and was particularly popular during the lockdowns of Summer 2020. However, Distractify reports the the game has gone viral once again in 2021, perhaps thanks to greater temperatures and lingering lockdown fatigue.


#fourthofjulyparty #slipandslidekickball #toomuchfun #playball

♬ break My Stride – Chateau pop

Not only does the game look prefer a most fun, but the videos room hilarious — especially the huge wipeouts.


Bloopers the Slip and also slide kickball. Nothing let it flop! Follow because that more! #slipandslide #slipandslidekickball #fyp #foryoupage

A tires Twist

While the video game is an excellent for kids, enlarge TikTokers have actually inevitably added their own mature, alcohol-aided twist come it. For example, one variation of the trend needs players to ring the bases v drink in hand, spilling as tiny as possible.

In another adult twist, one version of the video game asks players to pat a round of “flip cup” at every base. Every player must drink an entire cup and flip the cup over before advancing.


#slipandslidekickball #toomuchfun #mypeople

♬ Cold Beer calling My surname – Jameson Rodgers & Luke Combs

Of course, together Distractify notes, these can easily be played with non-alcoholic drinks, making lock fun methods to mix up family members matches together well.

Only time will certainly tell if more backyard sporting activities originate native TikTok. Because that now, though, slip and also slide kickball is fantastic new game for the whole family.



♬ Inside their Head – TT remix
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