around Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is a track by American electronic dance music producer Skrillex. It to be released together the lead solitary from his 2nd EP that the exact same name. It offers a vocal sample that exclamations from Rachael Nedrow (also known as "speedstackinggirl") shouting "Yes, oh my gosh!", ~ speedily stacking a collection of cup in among her YouTube videos. ~ above October 3, 2013, the tune was certified 2× Platinum through the Recording sector Association that America (RIAA), through sales exceeding 2,000,000 units. it was additionally certified gold within Canada, v sales exceeding 40,000 units. Top top February 12, the tune won ideal Dance record at the 54th Grammy Awards. It was used in the 2012 film spring Breakers and also an ad for GoPro titled "Kayak Kiss with Ben Brown", and likewise the video games MLB 2K12 and Ridge Racer Unbounded. The tune name was motivated by the David Bowie album and song Scary monster (and at sight Creeps). A scientific study demonstrates that the song could administer protection against mosquito bites. A study discovered that "female mosquitoes exposed to the tune Scary Monsters and also Nice Sprites assaulted hosts much later on than their non-exposed peers." return this monitoring at first glance is humorous, it shows that repeated tones (a signature the "Scary Monsters and also Nice Sprites") can serve together a much more environmentally friendly means of pest regulate (versus pesticides). The song was remixed by a range of producers such together Zedd, Noisia, Kaskade among others.more »

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Skrillex Sonny man Moore (born January 15, 1988), much better known by his stage name Skrillex, is one American digital musician and also singer-songwriter. Raised in Northeast Los Angeles and in northern California, Moore join the American post-hardcore band From very first to Last as the command singer in 2004, and also recorded two studio albums v the band (Dear Diary, My teen Angst has a human body Count, 2004, and also Heroine, 2006) before leaving to pursue a solo career in 2007. He started his an initial tour as a solo artist in late 2007.

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After ~ recruiting a brand-new band lineup, Moore joined the alternate Press tour to support bands such as All Time Low and also The Rocket Summer, and also appeared on the cover of alternate Press" yearly "100 Bands You must Know" issue. An ext »