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Edward Hoptrough8y↑159

Finally someone who really it s okay what Christmas is. A time because that the revenge-murders that those who have wronged you.

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I expect the haters know that his whole series is scripted prefer Shadow the Israphel. Rythian doesn't actually hate Duncan or Sjin.


I love just how like every member of the yogscast contends least some singing capability lol that great


im going with all the old yogscast songs because that nostalgia, and also i had actually this disliked, due to the fact that when it come out ns was like "boooo, team duncan" -9th class me

Zach Raymond6y↑30

Ahahahahaha xD I'm sorry, but just Rythian's singing, it's an excellent xP No violation to him, it's simply that he's to sing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEEP!Quick, brace for incoming Adele jokes!


If you listen an extremely closely you deserve to hear Zoey singing along in the background! (At least, i think she is)


YOU can you just deserve to tell she was no all the interested in to sing this you deserve to tell its a hoax =by the ton of your voices as well


I'm pretty certain that's zoey actually play an instument. I think it's plan to be fishton.

ary hollifield an initial things first, if you're talking around me, ns am a girl. Ns didn't to speak that, I stated that over there wasn't a single member in the yogscast that hadn't swore on camera. I typical everyone has sworn with proof of it. 

Lenny GeorgeI never said that, that said plainly the yogscast never ever swear for this reason I claimed Lewis and also Simon did swear in the larger ones

Abigail Burton8y↑5

Omg finest Song ever and to every u haters Sjin and also Duncan go out up every thing rythian ever before loved consisting of ZOEYA


Hm....I simply noticed...check the fan art. Rythian's mask is down, and also there's nothing wrong through his face. Although, there's a reduced on his face, and also it seems the blood is purple. 


you posted her connent 1 month earlier this was made 2 years ago and in ~ tht time he offered a youtube picture with that in sunglasses and also no mask for this reason it was probly based off of that


Hey Rythian, congratulations on your five year anniversary of this song. Hope you can finally finish Blackrock.

Jacob Standring8y↑1

This is manic and also beautiful in every meaning of the word...(: ITS just SO BEAUTIFUL

The Crow5y↑32

shameless likes xD Shameless plug ins xD but great god RYTHIAN when HE IS sick HIS VOCIE IS so DAME DEEP and also his accent is enlarge xD love yha rythain


I hadn't hear to this is forever. Now that I've listen to that again, i've realized exactly how much Rythian "hated" Sjin and Duncan.

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Harichi Kashanami7y↑3

This to be made since in the war that Sjin and Duncan had, Zoey's mushroom woodland kinda got damaged in the crossfire of nukes.