Problem: i am grounding on the "Saving come Library" screen after having actually made development on building a house. Is there anyway i can departure "Saving to Library" there is no closing the video game or without losing progress?

UPDATE ~ 1 hour after ~ posting (scroll down, I want to save this short article in order)

(Edit since I didn't form all the context in the original post: ns was making progress on a house I had actually been editing, and also did not save as ns was doing so. I took a rest to browse the online, publicly gallery and I was looking at the ingredient other people have made. I clicked "Save to Library" on one of them, which led to me to be stuck to the "Saving to Library“ animation for an excessively lengthy time. ~ Googling the issue, someone said having actually mods could cause this, and I do have some the were active.

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This is positive thinking, but if everyone has any kind of idea I might try, let me know. I think I am running into this issue due to the fact that I have mods installed. Ns am thinking of disconnecting my laptop from wifi, so maybe it will fail the save and stop. Or ns could try removing mods from the folder, yet I very doubt the it's a an excellent idea to try with the game running and also I think both could cause it to crash.

Is it possible to carry out something to save the game externally in the files? probably by inputting something in the code or making a copy that a record folder? Is over there a place for short-term files before they space officially saved? as you deserve to see, ns am not well versed in this form of thing. However, ns feel like if that is possible, climate it might be the many viable option to try. Otherwise, i am clearly at a loss. Any type of insight would certainly be appreciated. I understand I should have actually saved the house before looking at the gallery but I can't go ago now and it's open minded frustrating the there is no auto save.

UPDATE So, the "Saving to Library" computer animation stopped in ~ some allude while was in my browser home window looking for a solution. Because I didn't see once it came up, ns don't understand what quit it, but I looked at it again to watch the video game prompted a popup informing me that I require internet link (referring come the fact I need one to see or download native the digital gallery). The choices were to affix or to not attach (I forget exactly how they were certain worded). I made decision the not connect option due to the fact that I assumed it just stop make the efforts to fill the gallery? yet then ns was stuck the public gallery tab opened in the game, and the display was brighter (Like just how a window looks lighter once it's not "(Not Responding)". The materials of the collection tab were empty, showing the UI through the tags and search bar except no tasks showed up in the large part that the window where they normally would.

Anyway, and that allude I stated "screw this" and also went to close it. That was no frozen, just...stuck. The music was still playing. Have you ever before tried closing Sims 4 indigenous your computer system task bar by hovering end its icon and clicking on the X on the small window preview? If you have, girlfriend would understand that if the video game was do to present a pop up at the point. Indigenous the title screen, the asks if you room sure you want to exit. If you have a save running, the asks girlfriend if you desire to "Cancel ", "Exit Game" or "Save and Exit "z Well, that was how I tried come close it, and to mine luck and also surprise, it came up. I was able to click "Save and also Exit". I just opened that again, and it did undoubtedly save properly.

I to be absolutely no software/game developer, for this reason I deserve to only theorize what brought about this. My internet link was fine, ns feel like the game could have believed I had a link issue since it wasn't able to save the public work-related to mine library (in various other words, it could not execute the download, so it chose to call me ns did not have actually an web connection).

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CONCLUSION: my takeaway for currently is that, because that this issue, it might be precious it to shot closing the Sims home window as ns did from the job bar preview as I did, to view if friend can gain the in-game prompt come "Save and also Exit". That course, one should always remember to save regularly as they proceed to progress. The way, this would certainly not have actually been much a difficulty in the an initial place and I simply would have actually just confidently closed the game when it to be stuck on the "Saving to Library" animation.