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Orik Trueheart: We’ll be flying directly to the island. My friend stated that the warrior never gotten in the shrine itself, they were after one of the tombs. I’m guessing that since that vrykul hero couldn’t go into that it’s still protected by power unique to Tyr. I’m thinking that us may have a much better shot than many other people at this. Let’s obtain into the shrine and see if that shield is still there.

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Quest Objectives

Go to Shield’s remainder in Stormheim and claim the Truthguard.


STAGE 1: Island Landing

Orik Trueheart: just mount the bird here and also follow me! come Stormheim!


Orik Trueheart: I’m telling you Cato, the shield is here! I deserve to feel it!

Cato: I’m here aren’t I? Let’s uncover your shield and get earlier to the war.

Orik Trueheart: Here’s my girlfriend now. Happy you can make it. There’s the tomb, let’s gain in there and also find the shrine! We’ll follow her lead.

STAGE 2: right into the Tomb

Inma the Crypstalker: organize it ideal there! You room unworthy that this place. Leave at once!


Location: dig of the Old King

NOTE: Three vrykul and 6 Guardian Orbs spawn once you go into the Tomb. Usage AOE abilities to dispatch the orbs quickly. They actors chain lightning.


Orik Trueheart: look at there! i don’t think that tablet was glowing when I first saw it. Odd, I can read it.

Yrgrim’s Journey

After the loss of Tyr, Yrgrim the Truthseeker aided his brethren in Tirisfal, ensuring their survival in the new world. Understanding that others of his kind had fled the phibìc he went in search of them hoping to find someone worthy to happen on his armaments. Ultimately he found Stormheim and strong descendents of his race. Right here was a team where one could be uncovered worthy.



Yrgrim’s Challenge

On an island of rock Yrgrim built an arena. The proclaimed come his brethren that he search a successor strong in will and body, and pure in heart. Lock would have to pass his trials in stimulate to case his weapons. Plenty of of berserkers and also dragonriders reply Yrgrim’s challenge, however all met v failure and also death. Yrgrim answers challenges for years until the challengers quit coming. Disappointed however not disheartened, Yrgrim developed a shrine to Tyr and also entombed self in it v his weapons, wait for a time as soon as a true champion will come. The door wards would certainly burn those that tried to open up it with cleansing flame. Just those solid of will and pure of heart would be able to hold back the flames. For the one that does, Yrgrim waits inside.


STAGE 3: opening the Door

Orik Trueheart: A glow door, a bit noticeable you think? What have we here? This tablet tells a cool tale. It shows up trying to open these doors will certainly hit you through some sort of power. Mine guess is you might be strong and pure-hearted enough to provide it a shot.


Orik Trueheart: girlfriend did it! much better than gift a pile of ash on the ground isn’t it?

STAGE 4: Shrine that the Truthguard

Orik Trueheart: an additional tablet! and look below…

Yrgrim’s Rest

Here lies Yrgrim, resolute and also patient. Never ever bowing to the curse of the good enemy, he continues to be as strong as the vrykul of old. He and his an obstacle await.


Yrgrim the Truthseeker: ns bid you greetings, Opener that Doors. You room the first. I am the champion that Tyr, and also we will view if you room worthy to bear his shield.


STAGE 5: Yrgrim’s Challenge

Yrgrim the Truthseeker: I have waited a long time for someone prefer you. I sense you are the blood and also have the heart. Challenge me in battle and also we will certainly test her strength.


Yrgrim the Truthseeker: I should see if you have actually the will, the strength, and also the stamina come wield this shield well. Will you challenge me in a attempt of combat?

(I am prepared for her trial, Yrgrim.)

Yrgrim the Truthseeker: climate we will begin!

Runeshaper Griselda: that DARES challenge the Truthseeker?! I will freeze you where you stand!


Yrgrim the Truthseeker: i am beaten. You space worthy. If Tyr were lively he would make friend his champion. Ns hereby pass on Truthguard to you. Use it to safeguard Azeroth indigenous its enemies.


Yrgrim the Truthseeker: ns am tired. With a worthy successor I can finally end my vigil. Take care, champion. Constantly fight for truth and justice. In Tyr’s name…


Orik Trueheart: Amazing, I’m happy the shield is in your hands. We’re going come head ago to Dalaran and report to Tyrosus. If you need a journey you can take mine hippogryph outside.




Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: ns am heartened at your sucessful quest. We have actually been wait for you to return. The is time we said goodbye come an old friend.


Shrine the Truthguard

1. The Fate the Azeroth
2. Weapons the Legend
A. The Seeker the TruthA. The find for the HighlordA. The secret Paladin
B. To NorthrendB. The Brother"s Trail
C. The end of the SagaC. The silver Hand
D. Shrine that the Truthguard
3. We fulfill at Light"s Hope
4. A united Force
5. Hand of the Highlord
6. Forging the Highblade
7. Logistical Matters

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A Sound Plan
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