I have decided to find out a brand-new language and after part thought chose to go with French yet I uncovered out the French is an overwhelming to learn however then my friend that knows a bit French said me that i should find out Italian very first and after that French since both languages room 80% same and also after finding out Italian French would certainly be a basic task. Is the true ? need to I find out Italian an initial ? Or that is a garbage ? please Help.

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If your goal is to learn French, climate it'll take it time and also effort regardless of whether or no you discover Italian first. And also obviously, you'll need to spend much more time and effort to discover French and also Italian than you'd spend learning just French.

If you score is to find out a romance language simply for the heck of it, then ns guess Italian might be slightly much easier than French, yet honestly not by the much.

I believe Italian would certainly be much easier at very first because the relation in between spelling and also pronunciation is clearer, yet as you progress toward progressed grammar, then French i do not care the easier language. Still, both would need a many work come learn, just as any language really.

I'm an Italian native speaker and I studied French as soon as I was in middle school, for this reason I can say for certain that, yes, they have actually a plethora that words and also some grammar frameworks in common, yet they also are an extremely different (and difficult) languages on your own. I don't think it's a an excellent idea to learn Italian and also eventually French, since even if ns speak Italian every day, that was quite a battle to find out French; they're not so comparable like Italian and Spanish because that instance. I imply you concentrating on what language you really desire to learn very first and concentrating your efforts in it; you'll have much more motivation and far better improvements in act that, instead of examining a language just to conveniently learn another one. Sorry because that my bad English, and great luck v your studies.

they're not so similar like Italian and also Spanish

Eh, there's a classic comparison between Italian and also French.

Of course, they developed separately end time.

You deserve to (apparently) monitor the sample between local dialects discovered in the phibìc of Italy (the Gallo-Italic languages) and in France.

I started beginner's Italian a long time ago after I had reached an progressed level in French. It yes, really did shock me how similar they were. If anyone is looking for an additional language to learn and has currently learned or at a greater level in French, i recommend Italian. I provided up, though. Not since it was difficult, yet it to be boring come start back at the beginning of a language. The felt choose going back to center school because that me, for this reason I relocated on come a fully different language, Korean.

The FSI ranking Italian and also French in the same an obstacle for an English learner. However, French has greater lexical similarity (i.e. More shared words and roots) with English than Italian does. Ns would likewise imagine that Italian pronounced level (i.e. Pronunciation) is most likely to be easier to learn except there is no real method to quantify it. One last factor to consider is that French is the second most studied foreign language after English and also should have more learning resources and potential speaking partners than Italian.

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If you want to learn French then learn French. If you desire to discover both then French might still make much more sense to learn first. If we think about the distance(time to learn) native Italian come French the same regardless that which you learn very first (seems reasonable considering the large overlap) climate it really counts on i beg your pardon is the much easier Romance language to find out first. However, the time difference between learning is probably too small on average and also too variable between people to be worth the moment to consider.