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Coconut Gun describes a line from the "DK Rap" from the video game Donkey Kong 64 that reads ""His Coconut Gun deserve to fire in spurts // If that shoots ya, it"s gonna hurt." The heat started becoming a picture after it was featured in a popular video by SiIvaGunner.


Donkey Kong 64 to be released top top November 22nd, 1999.<1> The video game plays a rap at the beginning which came to be famous ~ its relax (shown below). The line shows up in the tune in referral to the title character.


The line came to be a meme adhering to a video by SiIvaGunner from may 24th, 2016 i m sorry repeated and also emphasized the line around the coconut gun. The video clip gained end 1.2 million see (shown below).

On June 24th, 2016, YouTuber Chirbeef uploaded a video pairing the track with the video clip for the song, obtaining over 76,000 see (shown below, left). ~ above November 30th, 2016, YouTuber Burgoton uploaded a remix the the tune with "Feel good Inc." by the Gorillaz that got over 28,000 views.




The announcement of the readjust to Meta by note Zuckerberg has developed several various memes. The most popular variant has to do v him looking in ~ the camera while announcing the new name, Meta. Other popular memes in this layout include transforming the indigenous Meta come something else, and inserting him right into other environments.

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