Welcome to km Shelties breeders of top quality AKC standard shelties - Selective reproduction in the works. providing Shelties Puppies because that sale and also occasionally adult Shetland Sheepdogs. Striving for A well rounded healthy socialized Sheltie.

Home for km Shelties Breeders of show & pet Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) because that sale In Michigan.

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Shetland Sheepdog Puppies

Quality reproduction in the works.

For sale pets -four legged family Members and Show Prospect


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Yes we have actually litters planned and also are beginning a wait list. You will recieve a auto answer to confirm email recieved.

When you first contacted us is your organized spot top top list. Over the following month we will get recorded up. On house and farm course. Add to slight net updates.

Sorry for this, and also thanks for her patients.


PUPPIES cultivation WELL!

Be sure to watch web site for puppy updates.


Let us understand if you have actually interest in showing, conformation, Rally, Agility or Obedience.

231 757-4451 rwcchristchurchappeal.com

PuppiesPuppy page

We will certainly be law updates as we can. Check site weekly.

Nowwill be a good time to examine web site out daily.


Looking front to talking. Healthy living in the loaded toxicity world. Us are right here to assist you.

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Planned Litters co-owned and ours 2020 Fall.

Lynnlea"s clock Fire /Am Ch Beckon The Lefthanded pistol (grp 1)

KM Beckon Sizzling Liouse /KM Flynn Ryder

KM"s black color Emerald/U-CH. Km Prince Hajji BabaRE

KM Step"n Happy Tappie /U-CH. Km Prince Hajji BabaRE

Beckon kilometres Rumur has actually It /CH. Trillant Transcendant

" Rumur" is full sister to: Riker"AMAm Ch Beckon Serving difficult Time"

2019 American Shetland Sheepdog Nationals.18month class winner

Sire:AM CH. Beckon Cowboy Cut/Mom: Blue Heavens Brandy N Ice

Congrats to january Long and Becky Johnson

Aglity prospect available:

UPdates coming on together we can.

Still the town hall a pair for as present prospects.


KM Flynn Ryder /Lynnlea"s clock Fire

CH.Trillant Transcendant/Beckon km Rumur has actually It

Puppy photos comes soon.


Puppy page Spoken for


7 week old video clip 6 week old video

Puppies !

Puppy web page


Puppy page

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Champion Shelties in Michigan

Our score is to raise the finest quality pets with good characteristics and bloodlines, so as soon as one is sold we are still proud to have raised them


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