The weekend Shannon de Lima appeared on social networks through Marc Anthony celebrating the birthday of the child of Venezuelan Daniel Alejandro.

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The boy that turned 13 was attended by the Puerto Rican Marc Anthony, who was Shannon’s companion from 2014 to 2017.

Shannon de Lima is an extremely active ~ above InstagramHowever, that tries to keep his personal life far from her, also so he took the possibility to congratulate his son.


Happy birthday my beautiful love
dansosa29 girlfriend are currently a 13-year-old guy ???????? thank you for existing and also for selecting me together your mommy!

Text v which that accompanied the picture of his boy Shannon de Lima top top Instagram

In addition, he was accompanying through his half sister Sofia, daughter the his father Manuel Sosa and also actress Mirela Mendoza.

Shannon de Lima v Marc Anthony on your son’s birthday


The household moment happened amid rumors that speak of the possible separation in between Shannon de Lima and also soccer player James Rodríguez.

Some days earlier James commemorated his son’s very first year in i beg your pardon his mother and also some friends were accompanying that at his house in Madrid Spain.

The funny thing is that he was not accompanied by his girl friend Shannon de Lima in this event, nor when he met v the Colombian nationwide Team.

Is the true that Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez are no much longer a couple? Leave her opinion in the comments.

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