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posted on Friday, 27 April 2018

Posted by rwcchristchurchappeal.com

Many things taken place with him together your instructor but what standout was the undying secret both unsaid until the end.

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Don’t forget the others~

EduardAsagiKaguraShintaroMakoto NakagawaTsubaki KusunokiToshi HijikataZeyo SakamotoNobuyoshi Tokugawa Kunihiro Matsudaira Yoshiyuki Shingu

Chapter 1

(8 scenes)

5/8Ask that what he supposed by that.Get angry.

8/8Ask if he’s serious.Resist.

Chapter 2

(9 scenes)

4/9Show constraint.Give thanks.


Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:(Needs 100 Talent-n-Skill Points)~Get forced points in ~ 1 hrs to receive a one-of-a-kind scenario

8/9Follow orders.Refuse.

Chapter 3

(7 scenes)

1/7Greet him together a customer.Call the end his name.


Avatar Checkpoint:

Premium: dutch Trading residence (Courtyard): 5 Jade + special PhotoNormal: netherlands Trading house (Staircase): 4 Jade/ 1000 Koban

7/7Get upset.Wait it out.

Chapter 4

(8 scenes)


Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:(Needs 2500 Talent-n-Skill Points)~Get required points within 4 hrs to receive a one-of-a-kind scenario

Ask him about it directly.Ask him around it indirectly.

8/8Tell her that I have heard around them.Pretend that I have no idea.

Chapter 5

(9 scenes)


8/9Just expropriate it.Tell Ukyo he’s as well close.

Chapter 6

(8 scenes)



Avatar Checkpoint:

Premium: Gorgeous Apron: 60 Jade + distinct PhotoNormal: plain Apron: 50 Jade/ 4500 Koban

8/8He’s a dear friend.I don’t dislike him.

Chapter 7

(9 scenes)

3/9Make a counterargument.Remain silent.

8/9Tell that I’m fine.Tell him thanks.

Chapter 8

(9 scenes)

2/9Thank you.Really?

6/9Apologize.Make one excuse.

Chapter 9

(9 scenes)


Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:(Needs 10000 Talent-n-Skill Points)~Get compelled points within 24 hours to obtain a one-of-a-kind scenario

5/9Calm myself down.Speak up.

7/9Ask because that his help.Tell him the I’ll execute it.

Chapter 10

(8 scenes)

5/8Are friend sure about that?Thank you.

Tease him.Smile.


Avatar Checkpoint:

Premium:Western format Table with Terrestrial Globe: 85 Jade + one-of-a-kind PhotoNormal:Small Table through Castella Sponge Cake: 75 Jade/ 7000 Koban

Chapter 11

(9 scenes)

4/9Do nothing.Take his hand off mine.


Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:(Needs 18300 Talent-n-Skill Points)~Get compelled points in ~ 24 hours to get a distinct scenario

8/9Answer evasively.Nod.

Chapter 12

(10 scenes)

4/10Become frightened.Stare him earlier right in the eye.

8/10Politely refuse.Accept.

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Avatar Checkpoint:

Premium:Traditional Outfit for Hiranoya: 100 Jade + distinct PhotoNormal:Coverall Apron: 90 Jade/ 8500 Koban

Sweet Ending

~If the Intimacy Points reach the line.

Story Ticket x 5, Jade x 25, power Recovery article x 200,Gothic Outfit collection x 1,Gothic Outfit: Boots x 1,Gothic Outfit: hat x 1, Cute Punk dress x 1, vibrant Ombre long Hair x 1, Cute Teddy be affected by each other x 1, Bonnet x 1

Normal Ending

~Default Ending

Story Ticket x 5, Jade x 10, power Recovery article x 100, plain Background (Cloisonne Pattern) x 1, sophisticated Dress collection x 1