This is the just tomb found in the Cenote region. It\"s a little an overwhelming to reach together you\"ll have to swim underwater with a cavern and also avoid any type of eels in your path.

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Our complete list of guides on exactly how to solve every dig in zero of the tomb Raider

How to complete the mountain Cordoba difficulty Tomb

The complying with steps will overview you with the aforementioned difficulty Tomb in zero of the dig Raider.


Make your way through the subterranean caverns till you reach a point where you can dive into the water. Adhering to the tunnel, you\"ll pertained to a fork in the road with skulls and also a yellow wood plank.You can either go left or right. Go right.Once in the underwater cavern through the moray eels, monitor the left side until you reach a allude where you room pulled away with a strong current and also down a waterfall. Swim over to the embankment on her left and climb up the absent wall.Make your method to the right throughout another ledge and second rock wall.Follow the path and also jump into the water below next come the basic camp.

Continue right into the next chamber where Lara will certainly remark about an incredible fight taking place long ago.


Run under the stairs and also toward the far end of the chamber through the cannon (falconet) and cart behind it.

Move the dare so the it is no longer blocking the cannon\"s path.

Push the cannon backward so that it rolls under the ramp and smashes the barricade, enabling you to go into the key chamber and view a Spanish Galleon.


Follow the course to the best until you with the end with the raft ashore.

Kick the raft so that it moves towards the ship alongside the climbable ledges.Continue up till you reach the ship\"s key deck. Go down the left collection of stairs.Turn the system all the method to the left till the falconet is in position (Lara will certainly remark once this happens).

Jump into the water wherein the ship has damaged apart in the middle.


Swim toward the metal gate on the earlier right.

Pry that open with your pickaxe. Then swim through to the other side the the ship. Hop up the marked walls till you with the key deck again. Ignore the turning mechanism for now.Instead, run to her left and climb up the rock wall.Follow the path and also leap earlier onto one of the masts on the ship, running right into a crow\"s nest.

Free the other mast v your pickaxe when prompted.


Staying in that very same crow\"s nest, leap increase onto the wooden plank beside you.

Climb the ladder to the following beam up. Run across this beam to her left and also leap come the cliff. Rappel under the absent wall and swing top top the beam in front of you.Jump down earlier onto the main deck the the ship.

This is where you\"ll turn the device you previously ignored. Turn it so that the beam currently up v the suspended box to her right.


Now jump ~ above the beam you just moved making use of the ramp and also box beside you.

Jump throughout the suspended box and also climb your method up the ladder to a higher portion that the mast.Pry open up the winch so the the falconet drops through the floor and into the captain\"s cabin.

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After you descend the rope and hop into the cabin, the tomb will be complete. You\"ll unlock the Caiman\"s Breath II skill, which more increases breath capacity once swimming underwater.