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Shadow Dancer: The an enig of Shinobi (シャドーダンサー ザ・シークレット・オブ・シノビ) is a Sega Mega Drive activity game occurred by Sega R&D 2 and also published by Sega. Very first released in Japan in December 1990, the game is an expanded reworking that the 1989 arcade game Shadow Dancer, featuring enhanced controls and an ext refined gameplay exclusive to this Mega drive version.

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A.D 1997, brand-new York City

Having vanquished the evilcrime realm Neo Zeed, Shinobi wasnot heard from again.His combat ninja an abilities were notneeded in a relaxed world.

But a brand-new threat arose. In areptilian kind that live onvicious instinct alone.The colossal monster movedslowly and also quietly, and its attackwas relentless.The souls unfortunate sufficient tolive became \"hostages\"mass panic brushed up the streets.

It remained just for Shinobito take it action. The ninja the theshadows.His tools were stealth andquickness that attack. His onlyallies when facing over whelmingforce.

Relying top top ninja weapons andmagic, Shinobi combated on. Assistedby his faithful dog.This is the story of theirdefiance..

The story according to the US hands-on adds extra detail that Joe Musashi (following the occasions of The Revenge of Shinobi) determined to visit his student, Kato in new York. Quickly after Joe left, Kato learned that the Union Lizard\"s take over of an elementary school, in i beg your pardon he decided to assist in the rescuing the the hostages. However, Kato was fatally wounded through a subordinate of Union Lizard, and also when Joe raced ago in to the US, the was as well late - Kato died from his wounds. ~ this, Joe swore come Kato\"s mom that he and Yamato (Kato\"s pet dog) would certainly avenge Kato.

The Japanese version of the backstory differs from the abroad releases, in i beg your pardon the protagonist is no Joe Musashi, yet his estranged kid Hayate, that was born in 1977 and also raised in the United claims after gift separated native his true parents. Kato (whose full name is cock C. Kato) to be Hayate\"s foster dad in this version and also the man who trained the in the ways of ninjutsu. This backstory suggests that the events of The super Shinobi took place sometime before 1977, although there\"s naught in the original game to indicate this was supposed to be the case.


Controls room virtually identical to other Shinobi games:

performs a ninjutsu move, attacks, and also
jumps. Ninjutsu is not selected native the pause food selection like with various other games. Stop dues the assault of a companion attack dog (charge meter shown at the bottom that the screen; release provides dog charge forward onto foe to temporary host him up. Regulate layout deserve to be changed in alternative menu.

Tips and also tricks

Changing the difficulty level has actually a huge influence on foe placements and their number. (unlike the other two Shinobi games on the system, where just health, lives etc. Space reduced) Bosses stay unchanged aside from a an increase in health.The game has a few secret score methods e.g. Defeating a boss with only one 2nd on the timer staying (using Ninjutsu) gives a large score bonus. Not using shurikens and Ninjitsu throughout the pre-boss sections additionally gives a score bonus.Stage 5 is the just stage there is no a time limit. One can exploit the respawning Ninjas in room 4 and 5 come accumulate infinite score. Even if it is this is by style or an oversight isn\"t clear. However, the fact that this makes all various other score approaches obsolete strongly hints at one oversight.


Burning DowntownBattle top top the BridgeStatue of LibertyIn the DarknessUnion Lizard


The video game is obtainable as component of the Wii\"s virtual Console service.

The video game was to be banned from sale in Germany<18>, and still classified to it is in unsuitable for younger audiences in Germany. Because of this it\"s lacking from the Sega Mega Drive collection in PAL regions.

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There space no known differences (the Japanese release likewise displays English text), same ROM is supplied for all regions. Just music is optimized for PAL system, the gameplay is slower 보다 intended.

Production credits

Thanks to:
Arcade \"Shadow Dancer\" Staff and Arcade \"Shinobi\" Staffand ... Special many thanks to: every Players