Really love this tiny shop! Devin to be super helpful and also this to be my very first time here and I yes, really loved the vibe and also music. Ns felt very comfortable and they have actually a unique yet awesome range of different items. I’ll absolutely be going back again.

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I walked right into the store and didn’t even know there to be an employee behind the counter. The totality time there, ns was never ever greeted or request if I essential assistance. An additional lady went as much as the counter asking for help in searching for a toy. The employee behind the respond to just pointed to the testers ~ above the wall and didn’t help her any type of further. Wow, no customer company skills.You to walk in and it’s kind of dark and not straightforward on the eyes. The totality vibe of the keep is out of date. The items were dust, sticky and also disorganized. Through the shape of the store, that looks like the employee requirements to step out indigenous behind the counter and start clean up the store and their customer organization skills.

The store has a sexy atmosphere. The women are very friendly and helpful. Do it funny to shop there. Ns will definitely be back for much more toys. Thank you because that a great experience.

I love Shades of Love! The keep is for this reason classy and also clean. Rosemary is always very friendly, knowledgeable and also helpful as soon as I concerned the store. Im a regular visitor and I love the wide range and choice of everything from the lingerie come the toys and the fun bachelorette party supplies. Ns so happy to have actually a safe, clean, upscale place to concerned for any kind of of mine needs. I highly recommend it!

Excellent client Service. Employee is an extremely knowledgeable and super friendly willing to aid out still possible. There is a wide selection of products, lingerie, personal and party supplies. That our walk to place. Ask Questions and also they will have actually the perfect answer.

Love this store so much! The owner (Rose especially) and also the employees are always so helpful and polite. This keep is exceptionally amazing and I would recommend it come anyone either proficient or new.

This location is a really disappointing establishment! i went in a instantly smelt mildew, nearly like wet dog. Yes gnats flying roughly everywhere (I i think from the food the girl to be eating behind the register). The cashier simply sat down the entire time never readily available help, had actually their phone out the entire time. Lingerie looked so cheap and also old. The toys looked like they to be in at sight cheap packaging. I would never shop here. I would provide Zero stars honestly.

Lorraine helped me once I visited. I appreciated her not just showing me what ns needed, but educating me ~ above the the safest brands. Her personality made the experience method more enjoyable, and I didnt feeling judged favor I have actually in various other adult stores. There is a good selection because that everyone and also the prices are great for the high quality of products.

I wrote a story for the san Antonio Current around this place around 10 years ago, and it’s been my go-to shop ever since. Well-stocked, well-run, female friendly. Nothing be shy around asking concerns or to express preferences! Rosemary is constantly helpful and also fun to talk to. It’s an inspiring, education woman-run business and I introduce it completely!

If girlfriend are in search of a location that is completely knowledgeable and also helpful, this is the location to go. Shades the Love has been there since 2000, and its for this reason nice to recognize the staff have the right to be therefore helpful. And, it is a beautiful boutique!

OMG... My absolute brand-new favorite beautique and it snuck up on me together I to be driving by so made a u-turn and also figured i would just run in and check it out as I do every other I come across. Top top entering i was instantly impressed with cleanliness as well as presentation and also downright cuteness the this boutique. As the owner come out through the friendliest welcome ive encountered by far. I believe her name was mary Ann? Oops but last name was Arguello because not just did I purchase something yet I also got her Sons map from his tattoo shop LOL every in every it was a fast pit stop but will absolutely be walk back. Best find through far.

I love comes here especially when rosemary is there. She aided me and my boyfriend uncover some.great toys and she is simple to talk to in general. If your trying to find a an excellent comfortable location to purchase toys and also everything else in between please come right here !!!!!

Rosemary was AMAZING, aided both myself and my finest friend out and also we got every little thing we were looking for and more! She to be super friendly and very knowledgeable!

I love this store. It has actually a really inviting and also relaxing atmosphere. Top quality products. Rosemary to be amazing and assisted me in recognize what ns was spring for.

This is among the ideal shops ns have ever before been to. Rosemary to be professional, kind, and also helpful. They likewise have impressive plus size options which deserve to be hard to find. Countless of their choices are flattering which has actually not to be my endure with lingerie from other retailers. Lock carry fantastic selection. The high quality is likewise very an excellent with a an excellent price.

I love this store when I shop over there I always feel welcome with greetings and also the females there are very nice. Very friendly and experience through there customer organization the shades the the love makes you feel at house :)YesGreat adult save with best an option of lingerie.Felt very comfortable purchase there.

I love this store !!! They have actually a awesome set up ! constantly diffrent stuff alot to determined from ... Selection is finest ...

I love this store!! Small, intimate setup with friendly, knowledgeable employee to aid with any kind of purchase. Rosemary was super beneficial with mine very personal questions. Thank you Shades of Love!!

On my current visit to Shades that Love, Rosemary aided me choose out several great items because that gifts. She even helped me find something funny for myself. Absolutely a great place visit!

The save is great! and Rosemary offered me fantastic customer service! She was an extremely sweet and also kind and also helped me discover exactly what i was in search of ;) absolutely recommend this store and also ask because that Rosemary!

Great staff, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Stopped by to uncover a bday gift because that a friend and also had a great experience. We will certainly reccomend Shades the Love to every our friends.

I saw this store a couple of weeks ago, trying to find something that ns really preferred online. They didn’t have actually it in the store so i asked around it and the owner was incredibly helpful and ordered it had actually it transport to store within a couple of days. I’ve been to number of adult stores before, this is by far The BESTone I’ve been to. Not only are the prices really cheap compared to other stores the employee is exceptionally helpful and also they really care around helping you find what you’re searching for if castle don’t have it don’t get it for you! and they were provide you the price the is online rather of the price in store. If I could rite castle with six stars i would. Ns will definitely be earlier to visit them

Had an amazing visit rosemary assisted us a lot and made united state feel at home. An extremely knowledgeable and open.

Great store and variety!! everyone is awesome and also make you feel very comfortable and honest about every product! The just store I will certainly go to

Rosie is the bomb! She renders you feel comfortable and gives an excellent suggestions and advice. Will certainly be a repeat customer.

Great service and selections, relaxed and also informative environment. Rosemary was really helpful because that my partner and also I. Dont be shy and also ask questions.

Always a good place when trying to find a gift because that your one-of-a-kind someone. Even an ext fun when you just want come treat yourself. Native the first time i walked in ns felt favor the woman there were very helpful in helping me feeling comfortable. Never ever a complete moment as soon as Im in there.

The save is an extremely welcoming and also the staff is willing to answer any kind of questions us have. The toy high quality are amazing. I extremely recommend coming here.

Sales rep increased was very pleasant and helpful. It to be a relaxed setting in i beg your pardon you might explore and also feel comfortable asking concerns thank friend again climbed :)

Kady Lopez was such a big help, ns was embarrassy in asking part questions, but she make me feeling comfortable, and it was really educational i learned some things, and the commodities are great, castle just lug you so lot confidence in the bedroom. Shades the love is my spot because that adult fun!

This is a great place to discover something fun. The environment is an extremely welcoming and also Rosemary is very knowledgeable and helpful.

I have been to this save a few times and have had actually a good experience. An extremely friendly staff and a tasteful range of products. Lost of sexy clothing for women. I would recommend it come spice up any type of relationship. Also an excellent for the sexy Halloween costumes, that is never to beforehand to shop around for that. Have actually fun!

I love comes here. The staff is supervisor friendly and also definitely has the perfect touch once it involves helping out and standing off. Awesome vibe.

Love this location everytime we come its together an open up feeling. Thanks Rosemary for being so open up with mine friends questions.

This is the most amazing adult save I have ever before been in. Comfortable u dont feel any pressure has actually a womans touch, that does no feel together it would with stores that is run by men u dont feeling there eyes following you. The felt favor a visit come a friends house, very light very open and feminine. I would offer this place 10 stars if I could :)

After visiting Shades that Love, I uncovered it to it is in a classy and also upscale establishment unlike others including Love Shack and also Temptations. The store includes a vast selection of top quality products, and also the employee members are both sensitive and EXTREMELY knowledgeable on their very own products as well as information of a more intimate nature. Ditch the other places, and go to Shades of Love!

Loraine to be such a huuuuge help! ns was curious about the difference in between water based or silicone based lube & she was beyond helpful. This cute lil shop is very female friendly with a good vibe come it. Very recommend

This ar is great. Take it my mam to do a small shopping and also didnt feel dirty! They also have a net site that you have the right to order native the comfort of your own home. We will certainly defiantly be back (Valentines day is about the corner)

I lost a bet v my wife and also as part of my payment I had to wear some womens clothing and also go come this store and also get things and an outfit for me come wear and my wife and also her friends to usage at a party she threw. It was embarrassing as it was noticeable what i was put on underneath yet the folks at the store were tremendous. Rosemary in specific was tremendous. No judgement, no ashamed comments about what i was wearing. She additionally suggested part items she claimed my wife would probably like for the function of the party and also she to be spot on. She knew what would certainly be fun and also what would job-related for me and also she to be a true professional, no making me feeling embarrassed in the least. Many thanks for all you did!!! I very recommend the store and staff.

Perfect for ladies who space uncomfortable in constant stores. The women here work tough to help you get what girlfriend need. I love it! If I can give Shades that Love 10 stars, ns would! certainly coming back!

I had actually never to be to Shades the Love prior to until today and I was impressed! The prices are so lot cheaper than Adult video clip Megaplex and also feels a lot cleaner. I will certainly without a doubt it is in going over there from now on! great service as well!

I have actually been working below for 18 year in our family business. Ns love help couples stay together through exploring new and fun means to add some excitement to your relationship.

Shades that love is the location to go for romantic lingerie and also toys! climbed delivers remarkable customer service and is funny, knowledgeable and smart! She also gives all types of classes which space fun and also entertaining together well!

Absolutely lover place!! You execute not feel uncomfortable i m sorry is a quite change. They will answer your concerns and assist you uncover what girlfriend need. I will be back!! A great place to discover items to spice up that weekend in!!

Sales rep was pleasant and also helpful. It was a relaxed setting in i beg your pardon you could explore and feel comfortable asking questions.

The lady was absolutely wonderful! was on ours honeymoon and also she aided us uncover exactly what us wanted. Following time we are in the area we will definitely be back. Many thanks so much!

Well merchandised and also a big selection the items. Lingerie is beautiful. An excellent looking store and the staff is very friendly too!!

While this is the biggest store and maybe doesnt have actually the biggest collection, i was really impressed. They carry out it best in regards to atmosphere and also classiness. I didnt feel favor I was in some skeevy porn shop, ns felt favor I to be just normally shopping....just for sexy stuff because that me and my hubby. Lol.

Probably the cleanest adult keep in san Antonio by far. Didnt have an awkward vibe in ~ all, very friendly staff, yet the selection of really toys could be better. Yet I very suggest this location for lingerie and similar items.

I have actually been come the other areas in city (Adam & Eve, Temptations, & Love Shack) and also Shades is the save that I constantly come ago to. They have what I require 99% the the time, and also if they dont they gain it in for me quickly. Add to the staff are very friendly and helpful. I absolutely recommend offering them a look!

The most knowledgeable civilization specially Rosemary. Prices space great. She really assisted me a lot. Grade AAA experience

I loved just how the employees were really kind, and also albe to assist us discover what us were feather for, i felt very comfortable in this environment, the music playing additionally was awsome , an extremely positive and also up beat... Ns loved it right here , ns would highly recommend coming here.

I love the store however I feel dissapointed, ns walked in and also spent over 30 min make the efforts to discover what i was in search of without noticing the there was a lady at the respond to the totality time sitting under looking at she phone and never greet me or seem come a expertise me. Ns asked for pair suggestions and couple questions around the products and also she yes, really didnt display the minimum interest, motivitation or basic as customer organization skills.. I dont feel like coming back.

I might go to another adult store near my house, but I love Shades of Love, wouldnt go all over else. Robin

Great shop with several selection! We went to buy things for a bachelorette party and found everything we needed and much more!

Poor and also hostile mindset by the women today at 1pm. First time visitor/buyer critical night. Wont be back. Go all over else.

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Ive visited several times already. Really helpful staff, informative about all the products.very clean and the atmosphere gives friend a heat welcome I setup to go back, and recommend to others.

Address:300 W Bitters Rd #150, san Antonio, TX 78216, joined StatesSite: 210-494-3006