There is a true fury on If over there Is Light, that Will find You, the brand-new album indigenous Senses Fail, that deserve to only manifest with age. Eighteen-year-olds have the right to scream every they want, but they haven’t lived life long sufficient to see every little thing truly fallen yet. The demons haunting buddy Nielsen, lead vocalist, and the album’s writer, space the form that inspire not only true art, but likewise unconditional emotionally failure. Coming the end on the various other side that these worries is what provides If there Is Light together a an effective message that few bands deserve to mimic.

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I won’t case to it is in a large Senses failure fan, however I understand the essence of your sound and also the fear tinged lyrics that accompanied countless of their at an early stage albums. I also know that the Drive-Thru documents pop facets that fused into their hardcore edge. Together the first album indigenous the band written completely by Nielsen, If over there Is Light captures the sound the Senses Fail and also puts me in the mind of what the band were hoping to achieve on your debut LP, Let the Enfold You.

The guitars thrash with hefty power chords and also hard pop, storage of The Movielife. However, rather than forcing the harder sheet of mid-career Senses Fail, Nielsen counts on the pop aspect to background the song to catchier highs and also sharper hooks. A few Queen-inspired etc solos aid lift the spirit of the music indigenous time to time, too.

The poppier aspects are a juxtaposition versus the darker lyrics that likewise shows the irradiate beaming with the nightmares. Fairly than depend on lyrical screaming, Nielsen’s clean vocals are much more than enough to communicate the depth the the real-life horror of this album, and how thankful that is to it is in on the other side.

One of the recurring themes the If over there Is Light, is that Nielsen is just one of the couple of his age still relying on music. In ~ this point in my 30s, everyone I grew up v listening come the exact same music has abandoned listening to it, much less still performing. “Double Cross” find Nielsen reminiscing around the passion he shared with others while to sing from the stage, however now period has made them jaded.

“Is it Gonna be The Year?” may be one of the most open songs popular music punk has ever before seen. Nielsen is split in between wanting to seek music forever also as his peers loss away, and also the realization that maturity death the genre. That genuinely a stab to the love to hear him shout, “I never thought that it would certainly last this lengthy / and also neither walk the others, that’s why they’re every gone / once is the time to give it up, and how long is lengthy enough? / and when must I litter it in, cause I don’t wanna it is in a washed increase old man”.

But wherein the layout of the album find its truth is in the songs plainly dedicated come Nielsen’s wife. “First Breath, last Breath” is a true hell, together it speak the story of city hall his wife practically die throughout childbirth. The guitars chug slowly, letting every keep in mind bleed together Buddy sings, “I have actually never felt therefore crushed / The sadness buried in mine bones / just how the hell to be I claimed to advanced a daughter on mine own?” Following later on is fast burner, “Orlando and also A Miscarriage”, which seems to be a title that requirements no explanation, as the pain that flows from it is visceral.

However, learning that she survived, “You gain So Alone At time It simply Makes Sense” is a glorious redemption. The music blasts together Buddy praises her for offering him the stamin to store moving. It’s playful (“I love the means that you don’t offer a fuck what anyone thinks / and also I’m make the efforts so hard to think choose that / yet I’m the singer in a fucking band and I’m quiet neurotic together shit”), and a confession the true love (“All my life i’ve waited come kiss her perfect challenge / right into the darkest night I’ll take you by mine side”).

What renders If over there Is Light therefore redeeming is that each song, and also each theme has a callback. Because that each song that fears being the aging punk, he rallies the troops the youth in a rage against the government (“Gold Jacket, green Jacket…”) or relishes the memory of saves The job from 12 years ago (“Stay What friend Are”). Because that each song about potentially losing his wife, he sings her praises because that making the stronger. For all of the darkness swirling throughout the album, closer “If there Is Light, the Will uncover You” ends v a note of hope, as the last lyrics of the entire album are, “Don’t it is in afraid”.

If over there Is Light, it Will find You is a heartbreaking experience. It’s also something so real and also terrifying, the fear pop lyrics of early on Senses Fail appears childish in comparison. The poppier aspects of the album might turn turn off fans hoping for a more difficult edge, but this is a masterpiece considering the was composed by friend Nielsen alone. I can’t claim to have any type of idea of wherein it will stand in the band’s discography, yet it is an album everyone must experience. You will do it be thankful when you’re on the various other side. Cheers.

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Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

by Kyle Schultz

Kyle Schultz is the an elderly Editor at It’s all Dead and has functioned as a gaming journalist at structure Gaming. He lives in Chicago and also discovered Senses fail moments prior to he discovered The at an early stage November, one of his all-time favourite bands. He likewise saw Senses Fail open up for saves The Day, one more of his all-time favourite bands. That took over 15 years, however he is ultimately in love through Senses Fail without overshadowing them with something else. Please throw apples in ~ his holy places if you watch him.