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(Pretext)Yeah, I stated I wasn't gon' do this shit butFuck it, i gotta, is issall (fex?), you knowGang, uhDon't play with me, nigga beat wit' yo' bitch (corleone gang?)Matter' fact, don't pat wit' yo' bitch nigga don't play at allAhuhGirl friend know, it's gangsta'But look, every these facts I'm 'bout to placed outIt's 'gon make a nigga madBut lookAye(Bars)Don't pat wit' me, beat wit' yo' bitch niggaI'm with the shit's niggaSurrounded by a bunch of bitch niggasWhole lot a jumping dickin' dicks niggaYou a bitch niggaYeahAnd friend ain't really with the shitsCatch girlfriend slapping your shitMake your bitch eat my dickYeah, ns heard how (Sharp?) guy made your rapThen after, slapped the posesthe outcha'All factsYou might get madBut this gon' bring the thug outcha'Ever record a bitch ass all over I'mma win the crap outchou'Nigga took your phoneMade you relocate aroundWhat the crap you examine out forYou be penis ridin'You be penis ridin'You be cock ridin' niggas hardSame nigga that you dick ridin'Same nigga speak you washing carsI'm like"Damn nigga do a song about me?He must've gained on lock barsOr he have to be on them orsOr he have to drunk too lot aw"You a rat niggaYou'ld eat record work just because you'a scaredHuhYou prolly ratted 'cause girlfriend ain't wan' finish up deadGot mine racks upHad to stack it upBut since you talkin' 'bout breadYou must invest in a plastic surgeon to settle your lips in her headYeaAll the Cain shit deadFo' realAnd ns ain't need to sign the dealNigga I'm runnin' 'em up to a millAnd these (Cain or rat had actually narcotics top top my trap on trap?)HD a bitchJacked 'em the end his gunThen I marketed that bitch backHah(Sunny?) CainA actual bitchThat's a factThat nigga walk onlineAnd gained a broom stuck up his ass yeahAnd (DK?) wanna it is in a Cain for this reason badHe'll let a nigga fuckHe told us he wanted to be v (Carlyon?)And I'm favor pussies can't fuck through usIt's increase wit' us gangThat's real facts you was washing carsYo' ugly ass v the fatass crescent lipsLook choose you was smoking cigarettes hardYou gained a feature from DolphAnd friend still ain't rawIf i would've got a feature from the Dolph I'd be a starIf you caught that lineI'mma bust (the/your?) shit open like splittin' a garThe only means I'mma stop drilling yo ass isIf you speak "I'm sorry" reason you went also farAnd I'mma avoid making you invest all yo' moneySend mine lil' youngins' to shoot up her carNasty mouth ass niggas excellent (last?)Diamonds look prefer a whole bunch of (fall?)Remember that .38 i let you usage to walk shoot increase a house?You rolled around dicks andFound the street life and also shot the bitch offGay shit ain't what you have to talkCause that ain't what you 'boutFucked a bitchLooked in the phoneYou was tryin' cuff herYo I placed her outShout the end to (Big brother Phee?)'Preciate the watchShout out to (M?)And I evaluate the GlockShout the end to (Dodie?)I evaluate the chopShout the end to you'Cause I appreciate the thoughtsCan't shout the end to (Deez?) Cain'Cause ns don't evaluate the copsBut I evaluate you introducin' a niggaAnd I appreciate the guwopNow I got onBitch and also I can not be stoppedAll of her (run?) 'cause lock flopIt gon' take it longFor girlfriend to gain up to the topSo i cannot see you on topYeahBitch and I'm hotBallin' a many jewelry simply to cool me downIce on my wristIce on my neckWater do you drownYeah100 ring in the AR if friend gon' see 'bout a niggaAnd once I do go v my moveAin't sparin' you cause you it is in 'round a niggaYou started penis ridin' these fake ass goonsThinkin' they quiet wid' itI ain't even trippin'I ain't even tryna' killGo also farI'mma come and getchu(Posttext)Ahuh, yes niggaFactsDon't pat wit me, beat wit yo bitchAnd listen, yo' bitch I average yo' cliqueCause lock ain't nothin' but a bunch o bitchesA bunch of prick pullin' ass niggasYou understand you obtained rats in yo' cliqueYou gained fucked increase niggas in yo' cliqueThen you prick ridin' these false ass goons prefer they might save youYou know they can't conserve you niggaYou recognize what it's hittin' on through me niggaDouble M the gangFuck a Cain bitches (carlyon?)You recognize what it's hittin' ~ above niggaYeah and I'mma fall this shit prefer thatYeah acquire mad all you wantKill me, come view me perform somethin' about itBitch I'm outchea you recognize what it's hittin' onGang bitch