Sometimes, us don't desire our computer system to know what mischief we troublemakers space up to. (Originally composed 19 July 2014.)


Julie Kelleher, Community Contributor


On an illustration of THE OFFICE, Michael request Dwight why he writes points down in a notebook. Dwight answered, "To keep keys from my computer."

In this day and age, once we put whatever in our computers -- appointments, pictures, names and addresses -- we forget that, sometimes, there are things we"d rather not memorialize.

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Or, together THE PEOPLE"S COURT referee Marilyn Milian constantly says: "Say it; forget it. Compose it; regret it."

A few days ago, a pal of mine wanted to recognize what to be up through a details issue we had actually both been following very closely. Of course, my very first instinct to be to fire an answer right earlier on the social media network through which we communicated.

Fortunately for both of us, ns was in ~ Revere coast at the time, and also it would have been difficult to find a wifi signal and answer him. (I"m as well cheap to buy a data plan.)

I had time to think around it. I had a rather an extensive reply come his inquiry, and I really didn"t want to put it ~ above my social network, also in a private post (PM). So, i waited it spins I obtained home and gave that a call.

Nothing documented. Nothing on the internet. My an enig was safe from mine computer.

Everything i learned in life, ns learned on THE PEOPLE"S COURT.

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