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From the communitySarah's Inn receives the Community bank Champion Grant

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By frank FrigoCommunity MemberJan. 30, 2012 at 4:18 p.m.

Pictured in the photo are: (left to right) bernard D. Healey II, ar Lending Specialist, neighborhood Bank; Laura Hunnewell, plank Member, Sarah"s Inn; Liz Figeroa-Serrano, Advocate, Sarah"s Inn; candid Frigo, Marketing Officer, neighborhood Bank

Community bank of Oak Park River woodland is pleased come announce that Sarah’s Inn is the recipient of community Bank’s Champion Grant. The objective of the Champion approve is to aid organizations in providing neighborhood outreach program for low or moderate revenue individuals.

The mission the Sarah’s Inn is to stand with victims of domestic violence and also their children, and also to ensure freedom from residential violence. Sarah’s Inn serves the Westside of Chicago and also 22 near West chef County suburbs. As a holistic and an extensive domestic violence company organization, Sarah’s Inn is specialized to offering services that attend to the issue of residential violence from every angles. While supplying support and also advocacy for clients and their families, Sarah’s Inn provides resources so the victims are able come rebuild your lives free from violence. Programs listed by Sarah’s Inn include women’s advocacy support, legal advocacy, companion abuse intervention, and also family arts therapy. More information about Sarah’s Inn is easily accessible on your website in ~

A approve in the quantity of $1,000 to be presented come Juliet Yera, advancement Director because that Sarah’s Inn, top top Wednesday, January 25. Bernard D. Headley II, community Lending professional for ar Bank, and Frank Frigo, Marketing Officer for community Bank, presented the grant.

Through the Champion Grant, Community bank of Oak Park flow Forest motivates growth and support in economically tested communities. Champion Grants will certainly be awarded to qualifying establishments throughout the year. The Champion grant application is easily accessible on the Community bank website at

Community financial institution has been a frequent facilitator the financial proficiency events, and during its fifteen year history, Community financial institution has donated end $2 million to various neighborhood civic and charitable organizations. Community bank of Oak Park River forest was arranged in 1996 as a locally owned bank focused on creating financial options for individuals, professionals, owner of closely-held businesses and also nonprofit organizations.

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Community Bank, which had actually assets that $351 million as of December 31, 2010, has actually two locations: 1001 Lake Street, Oak Park and also 7777 Lake Street, flow Forest. Member FDIC | Equal housing Lender