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I had seen part advertisements because that the Santikos Rialto Cinema Bar and also Grill. I want to try it because it was a movie theater where I might have a drink and eat, while watching the movie. It is comparable to dinner theater. I’d never ever experienced anything favor that, so ns was yes, really looking forward to going. Mine husband and also I arrived best on time for the start of the show. Us noticed the price were relatively cheaper than any type of other theatre I’d checked out in the city. The price are just cheaper since they market food and alcohol in the theater. Together we go in the cinema, we observed the waitress acquisition orders. We sat down and also didn’t get offered a menu. Luckily the human being next come us provided us their menu. Us sat the up straight on the table so that the waitress could know that us were ready to order. She came andstarted transporting orders and we still couldn’t gain her to pertained to us. Us were looking directly at her and also even waived ours arms. Ns guess she want to ~ pretend she didn’t see us, or she was simply plain blind.

My husband at some point had sufficient waiting and went external to asking for some service prior to the movie started. They refuse to aid and insisted that the waitress would take ours order. Fine the movie started and also she never ever did come to take our order. This really ticked me off, due to the fact that I can of just watched a movie at any type of theater in the city. I want to have actually this experience of dining and also watching and also now it to be ruined. Think around sitting there watching anyone enjoying there drinks and also food, and also not gaining anything. My husband was livid. He wanted to walk out and also complain appropriate then and also there, however I wanted him come calm under ...
first and watch the movie. The can get really hot headed in these sort of situations

.. The movie to be enjoyable and also the theater was clean. It was type of small. The seats were adequately spaced through a table in former of every few seats. The seating was just right, so that the display is perfectly clearly shows from each and also every seat. Ns thoroughly delighted in the movie itself, however the endure was horrible. As we left the theater, we asked come speak come the manger. The employee that we spoke to appeared to it is in smirking at united state as he said he would go get the manager. I didn’t evaluate his attitude and also was really ready to give the manager a piece of my mind about this place.

The employee claimed that the manager would be out in a moment. Ns waited for around 15 minutes and also asked once the manager was coming . Castle went ago to check again and also he still no come out. The employee told me the he said a few more minutes. Mine husband was starting to boil over. We made decision to simply leave, due to the fact that we knew it no going to it is in pretty once the manager. That was the worse experience I ever had at a theater. Ns couldn’t believe that the manager was just as rude as the employees. They are the one’s that are claimed to rectify the problem. I recognize the manager didn’t desire to deal with anyone and also just refused to come out. I wouldn’t introduce anyone walk to this an alleged cinema bar and grill. Yes over there is a bar in the lobby, yet that way nothing if you want to drink while you watch your movie. I don’t know when ns will have actually the possibility to try to experience something favor this again.

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There is no theater choose this whereby I live.