A article FROM ours CHIEF executive OFFICER!

Dear Parents and also Families,

We room thrilled to support all family members for the 2021-2022 institution year in reclaiming a feeling of normalcy filled with hope and high spirits. Boys and Girls Clubs of san Leandro has actually had an excellent 15-year partnership v SLUSD and SLZUSD providing the highest quality increased learning regime in san Leandro and also San Lorenzo. In fact, we were the first to administer on-site virtual/in human programing since September of 2020.

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As you all are mindful safety is the number one priority in whatever we do. V that we want to inform you the the boys & girls Clubs of san Leandro ASES (After institution Education and also Safety) broadened Learning programs will certainly have restricted available room as we begin our site-specific programs August 18th, 2021, early out to an unprecedented staff shortage. We share her frustration in this, but please know that we will do every little thing in our power to administer Expanded finding out services for her students as promptly as possible. We have been actively working v the institution districts to uncover solutions and will continue to occupational in partnership through our college site administrators.

If her child has been put on her ASES-school site waitlist their spot will be secured. Notifications will be interacted by your regime Director to all registered families about available start days on a student-by-student basis.

Our KinderCare program have also been inserted on pause, other than for Washington Elementary, because of staffing shortages.

We sincerely evaluate your patience together vigilant occupational is being done her behalf to staff up quickly. Please visit our regimen tabs for more information and Program contact information.

Kimberly Pace

Chief executive Officer

ASES condition PER institution SITE

San Leandro Unified college District 

Bancroft center School – open with minimal space to right now registered families

John Muir center School – beginning Sept. 1 with restricted space to currently registered families

McKinley – open with minimal space to at this time registered families. KinderCare will start September 7th.

Jefferson- open up with restricted space to right now registered families

Garfield- open with minimal space to currently registered families

Wilson- open to right now registered families

Monroe- open up with restricted space to right now registered families

Washington- open up to currently registered families. KinderCare open with restricted space.

San Lorenzo Unified college District 

Hesperian- open up with minimal space to right now registered households as that Sept 28th

Lorenzo Manor- open to right now registered families

Colonial Acres- open to at this time registered families

Hillside- open up to currently registered families

What go that typical for you and your student? 

If you have actually registered her student, your regime Director will certainly be contacting friend directly about their status. IF your student is waitlisted it means, return registered because that the program, your students should be picked up instantly after college from their day teacher school end until informed otherwise.

When will the regimen start / when have the right to my child be taken turn off the waitlist?

The really start date is tentative and also staggered based on staffing. The goal is to have actually a employee member obtainable within the next pair of weeks or sooner. All right now registered family members who have been waitlisted will be prioritized.

But I’ve already paid… What about a refund?

We will not offer parents a refund unless they desire to remove their student from the routine completely. As of now, all students are registered and able to start pending a employee member. Parents will not be fee any additional fees throughout the time prior to program tentative begin date.

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I have actually not registered mine child, yet would favor to… following Steps?

New registrations are right now paused. Re-opening is tentative based on staffing; however, routine will be broadened to full capacity throughout the loss semester.