Almost half of the 35-mile lengthy Wappapello Lake ar of the Ozark trace is regulated by the mark Twain National woodland – the balance of the is regulated by the Missouri department of herbal Resources, State Parks and also the US military Corps the Engineers. Wappapello Lake was produced in 1938 through the building of a rolled earth fill dam to regulate flooding the the St. Francois River. The trail’s proximity to water lends chin to wealth of waterfowl. A hike of any kind of desired length is feasible o this ar due to plenty of trail accessibility points, and connector trails. There room three primary trailheads, Sam A. Baker State Park ~ above the north, Hwy. 172, and Hendrickson Recreation Area top top the southern end. Countless portions the the trail room prone come flooding, making trace use during wet periods undesirable. The trace is open up to hiking, hill biking and also equestrian use. A connector trail permits access to Lake Wappapello State Park.

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A space separates this trail from the Victory ar of the Ozark Trail.

At a Glance

FeesThere room no fees. Restrictions:Leave No Trace: load out what you fill in; it is in prepared and minimize your impact. Prevent use of the trail throughout wet conditions.Operated and Ozark trace Association

General Information


From Fredericktown (north trailhead – Sam A. Baker State Park) - go south on U.S. Highway 67 for 28 miles and also turn ideal on State Highway 34. Continue for 4 miles and also the trailhead is top top the right, or continue an additional .4 miles and turn right into the Sam A. Baker State Park. The spur trail in ~ the park is located off the park road close to the entrance in ~ State Highway 143 ~ above the southern side.

From Greenville- Drive south on U.S. Highway 67 because that 3.6 miles and the trailhead is situated on the left. This trailhead is located near the dig of the Unknown Soldier.

From Poplar Bluff, MO, go north ~ above Hwy 67 because that 11 miles. Turn eastern after cross the black color River onto servant County Rd, 501 to 3046, in ~ Hendrickson Recreation Area. OR - From Poplar Bluff, MO, walk north on Hwy 67 for 13 miles. Turn eastern onto Hwy 172 and also travel 1 mile come trailhead.

General Notes:

For extr information on the Ozark Trail, consisting of trail conditions and detailed maps, visit the Ozark follow Association.

Recreation Map

Map showing recreational areas. Map info



Mountain Biking

The Wappapello Lake section crosses multiple federal and also state lands and private land, and also is mainly oak/pine forest. Over there are web links to an ext than 100 miles of trail open up to hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use, consisting of the F Highway Spur and also the Highway 172 loop ~ above the note Twain nationwide Forest. A connector trail permits access to Lake Wappapello State Park, where there are number of trail loops offering a range of paths to match your experience. Numerous portions that the trail are prone to flooding, making trace use throughout wet periods undesirable.

There is a gap between this section and the Victory section – you should ride the roadway if you great to proceed on the trail.

Camping & Cabins

Dispersed Camping

Lake Wappapello State Park Campground and Sam A. Baker State Park Campground are situated near the trail, and offer camping, cabins, showers, toilets, and water throughout the warmth months. You might camp 100 feet the end from the follow on lands, or north of Hwy 67 top top COE lands.

Dispersed camping is the term offered for cost-free camping all over in the nationwide Forest outside of a designated campground. Distributed camping means there are no toilets, no structures, no garbage cans, no treated water, and also no fire grates. There space extra responsibilities compelled for this kind of camp. It's a need to to education yourself prior to you shot it, yet we hope the adventure of distributed camping in the mark Twain National forest calls to you!

Camp 100 feet far from trails and also water sources.Treat any kind of water found in the area before consuming it.Human rubbish (Feces) need to be hidden at the very least 6 inch deep and covered.Pack out every one of your garbage.

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The Wappapello Lake ar crosses lot of federal and also state lands and also private land, and also is generally oak/pine forest. There are web links to much more than 100 miles of trail open to hiking and also equestrian use, consisting of the F Highway Spur and also the Highway 172 loop on the mark Twain national Forest. A connector trail permits access to Lake Wappapello State Park, whereby there are number of trail loops providing a selection of courses to match your experience. Many portions of the trail space prone come flooding, making follow use throughout wet durations undesirable.