This DLC"s story takes ar after the finish of the main game, so it"s recommended that you don"t start it until you"ve perfect at least the story.

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Enter the Dominatrix: conserve the Planet

This pursuit starts on the ship. ~ the key story, woman Valderama will certainly interview the Saints about a reduced story that existed before the advance of Saints heat IV itself. ~ Zinyak defines that he was too great to simply throw away together a character.

When the an initial cut mission starts, grab one of three super-heavy weapons and also head come the roof through it. Parachute down with Josh and defeat every one of the Zin in former of the Saints" building. After acquisition out about three waves of enemies, you"ll acquire an loose cutscene of mockery fighting turn off aliens - from his memory.

After the cutscene, journey the Gatmobile come the mayor"s office for this reason the market can aid you figure out where Zinyak is. Pierce will sell to ride with you over there in his tank; take manage of it and defeat every one of Zinyak"s tanks so you deserve to reach Zinyak. The trophy concerned this quest requires you to defeat Zinyak in under 5 minutes. Shoot at him until you"re able to begin a QuickTime occasion on him to complete him off.

All too EasyKill Zinyak in less than 5 minute in "Save the Planet".



Note: To get the DLC"s weapon-based trophies much faster, think about obtaining the update for unlimited special ammo before beginning this quest.
Note: There"s a trophy because that finishing this quest without dying. Restart the pursuit or perform it on an easier challenge if you die at any type of point.

On the ship, select the following quest therefore you deserve to start the next segment of go into the Dominatrix. Woman will very first interview Donnie, a character from vault adventures. Kinzie describes that Zinyak"s simulation AI took over after his death and took the form of a Dominatrix. Donnie to be once an essential figure in the video game until he got cut, and also the mission places you right after her training with him.

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Jump over to the next location and fight off the Dominatrix till she disappears, which results in she kidnapping both Pierce and also Shaundi. Don"t go everywhere just yet, because this is the perfect ar to take treatment of the three weapon trophies. You should have actually one native the previous search in your inventory. Every half-minute or so, a new set of opponents will pull in come fight you. This is just how you"re walk to have to rack increase the forced kills because that these weapons. You deserve to switch tools in the weapon shop best in this area.