IntroductionUsing this engine will permit you, the RM dev, to develop a game where battles take ar in real-time ~ above the map between the player (with their allies if they wish) and also the enemy. Interactions in between enemies room by-design intended to be rapid paced, no more than 5-10 seconds at most, allowing for advancement of zelda-like games from the SNES era.This was largely inspired by Blizzard\"s ABS (BlizzABS / BABS, for XP) and also Moghunter\"s ABS (XAS / Chrono Engine, for XP+/MV).

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FeaturesJABS stands for J\"s Action Battle System. (Clever, huh?)Enemy battlers deserve to be developed via occasions w/ certain comments.Enemy battlers will follow their configured AI (that girlfriend decide with comments).Enemies have the right to have default parameters to minimize the overhead for adversary creation.Ally battlers will certainly follow their designated AI mode (changeable via menu and tags).Ally AI is a separate plugin and can it is in disabled if a solo game is desired.Ally AI have the right to be toggled v switches and also by enabling/disabling pendant via event command.An aggro system that works for both enemies and also allies(if used).Aggro is based upon damage dealt (all kinds), and also is configurable.Tags are used on skills to permit for production of things choose aggro-generating or reduction.Tags are used on says to permit aggro multipliers (positive or negative) or aggro locks.Crude/basic 8-directional movement (doesn\"t support 8-dir character sheets though).Crude/basic animation support.Animation together in, transforming of the character paper to something else because that a short duration to offer the illusion the animation.I am no sprite artist and also opted versus commissioning folks for assets just for testing this functionality, so it might be kinda glitchy. As soon as I get my hands on the type of heritage I\"m looking for, I will certainly revisit this.This likewise comes v a couple of extra plugins the one may expect in one ABS, but are by no way required (just useful):A simple HUD.The HUD was mainly uncustomizable by design. However, ns did open up up plugin parameters to move the totality thing around, and hide everything yet the states (which room custom-managed through JABS) therefore you could use this HUD together another and also still get full visibility into all the data points you would desire or need.A straightforward text log because that tracking actions the happen.A straightforward action crucial setup to screen what skills are equipped.It is necessary to note that the allied AI is actually a separate plugin. It have the right to be disabled or toggled together needed.Designed to work in tandem with any type of of my other plugins.Screenshots

How come Use
Due to the nature of brand-new battle systems, it would be best to download the demo i m sorry showcases several of the basic features.Additionally, I have a public (unlisted) wiki in the functions that has actually things choose a notetag glossary, crucial notes, how to do things concerned JABS, etc.In summary, there are lots of note sign on events, too many of enhancements to points in the database, a new required map, and also voila!Fortunately, you can just use the demo as a base and build from there.Additionally, this engine was developed with making use of a controller in mind. Though the keyboard does work, I\"d strong recommend utilizing a controller to play any game developed using this engine. A selection of controllers I\"m certain will work, though I provided this controller for development. Emergence at the web links at the bottom for a referral to every inputs because that this engine.Plugin regulates / script Calls
From peak to bottom (in plugin command screenshot):- allow JABS
= turns on the ABS.- Disable JABS = turns off the ABS (most base password I\"ve tweaked will certainly revert to regular while JABS is turned off).- Force-assign a JABS skill = manually assigns a skill to one of the L1/R1 (3-0) slots, and locks the slot.- Unlock a single JABS skill slot = unlocks a slot from gift force-assigned, permitting the player come reassign an abilities to the ability slot.- Unlock all JABS ability slots = unlocks all slot (for those who force-assigned lot of slots).- bike to following leader = party cycles come the next member that the party (if they room alive).- Disable Party Rotation = avoids the player from being able to turn the party v the party bike button. This walk not prevent the player from transforming the party formation or anything like that, though.- allow Party Rotation = re-enables the player\"s capability to party bike (if disabled native above).- refreshing JABS Menu = refreshes the JABS fast menu. This is more than likely only helpful for developer who are manipulating the items in the food selection for one reason or one more (like adding/removing commands to/from it).
DemoA demo showcasing the major functionalities can be discovered at the download link below.DownloadFinal NoteI intentionally left every code open up for the public to view and also edit as they watch fit (please be kind and also give credit wherein credit is due!). If you\"re savvy enough to tweak the code, I\"d wager that you can also probably submit a pull request versus my github repo if you want to contribute! If friend do and also your pull request is combined in, I\"ll add your name to the credits below! Hurray because that open-source!If you have actually questions about the code, I\"d be happy to describe most noþeles you\"d view in the J-ABS.js document (or any of mine plugins).Thank you, and also happy RM-ing!
Before releasing come the public, this project has actually undergone numerous transformations with its iterations. Those v sharper eyes may recognize this assets! This project at first started as numerous do: ns downloaded VisuStella and co.\"s sample starter project and also got come work. Together a result, there space a few artifacts ns didn\"t think twice about, most namely the tilesets and some of the sprites.- The tilesets and also some characters/faces (and the obvious core plugin in ~ the top) space not mine, they were from VisuStella and co.
, so... Give thanks to you because that making also other devs lives prefer my own simpler to simply pick up and also get began doing actual content creation!- I think it was Avy\"s work that created the icons in the iconset. It is a little patchworky because I wanted more things, however still, credit is due wherein credit is due.- The characters/faces that are called with the pattern: \"chara_*\" are just characters I made making use of the built-in character generator. You are cost-free to usage them if friend want, but know that with a little bit the time you can probably make your own! (and a little bit of efforts)- Moghunter and Blizzard provided inspiration and indirect guidance via their patterns in-code. Once I to be a shed lamb, unsure how to tackle a specific problem, their code showed me a means to perform it myself. Though there isn\"t really any kind of direct copy-paste (obviously because of engine differences and also stuff), there is certain a unique familiarity in-pattern on just how my architecture was because that JABS to be shaped. Say thanks to you, folks.- mine lovely lady who has had actually to tolerate the mainly if not months that time specialized to writing and refining this engine for the general public to use (and myself, though i haven\"t revealed that job yet...). She has had to hear to me rant and rave about why the sprites aren\"t doing what ns tell them, but I don\"t in reality think she knows what a sprite is, yet she listened quiet FAQs
Any developer would be flattered to know that over there are people who desire to utilize their password for other that will certainly reach the masses, me among them! If you decision to use JABS (or any kind of of mine plugins adhering to the \"J-*\" specify name pattern) in a advertising project, execute let me know! we can comment on the finer details that what that all entails.
Spoiler: ns see various other J-* plugins in the project, however I can\"t find a support web page for castle anywhere! exactly how do I use them?
The task that includes JABS doubles together my test bed for all plugins i make. Few of them are an easy (like J-Hud), if others space more facility (like J-JAFTING). I encourage girlfriend reach out to me to comment on them if you can\"t uncover anything around them almost everywhere as I just might\"ve forgotten relax them publicly, or ns may have opted versus it for various other reasons.

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Spoiler: i ran into a bug with JABS and it crashed the video game (or it simply isn\"t functioning as-expected). What do I do?
If you encountered a bug/defect, short article a screenshot of the console (if possible) in addition to as much information as you deserve to gather the you think is concerned the problem. I\"m a professional developer through day, but definitely no QA! I\"d it is in happy to fix any kind of defects pertained to my code, or try my ideal to add compatibility to play nice with other plugins suspect their code is open as well (like f0mor\"s plugins, visustella plugins room a little bit more daunting to attend to due to the code being obfuscated and you might need to have actually them reach out to me therefore we have the right to talk about how to fix it).