The owners of a local diner chain in York county are facing flak digital for agree at the very least $500,000 in federal COVID-19 aid before violating Gov. Tom Wolf"s closure orders. 

Round the Clock Diner, with areas in Manchester Township and also Springettsbury Township, is being criticized by Facebook users who claimed that it"s unfair the owner of both diners were approved in April for COVID-19 help through the federal Paycheck defense Program and also before reopening in defiance that Wolf"s orders in May.

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"I feel bad for anyone out of work who spent money at this location while they defied the public health ordinance. At the same time they to be picking ours pockets in PPP loans that other tiny business never received," said Jerry Drake, who began a subject on Facebook discussing the situation.

As the Monday, the object had more than 1,000 comments from people on both political parties of the debate.

According to the little Business management database, round the Clock filed because that one loan at every of its locations, at 222 Arsenal Road and also 145 storage Lane. 

Round the Clock"s place in Manchester Township was approved for a loan that between $350,000 come $1 million, according to the SBA. Its Springettsbury Township location was approved for a loan the between $150,000 to $350,000.

Both were approved April 10.

Themi Sacarellos, the owner of round the Clock Diner, said The York Dispatch ~ above Monday that the Arsenal Road location received $359,200 and the memory Lane ar received $186,300.

"As usual, on facebook comments tend to it is in made without all the facts being known," Sacarellos said via email. "Round the Clock Diner did no violate any procedures in applying for, obtaining or disbursing this loans acquired through the Paycheck defense Program."

Sacarellos claimed while both diners were classified together "essential" and also therefore permitted to be open for carryout, the storage Lane place was "entirely closed" for six weeks, putting 60 human being out the work

During this time, round the Clock applied for and received a Paycheck protection Program loan, he added.

"So usually these "patriots" decided to take a nice suckle turn off of the government’s teat before deciding the it was time to was standing up against the exact same government’s oppression?" commented on facebook user Jason Snyder under the object Drake started.

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While some room claiming the owners are hypocrites, others suggested that the loans would ultimately be paid back and that the owners room entitled to the compensation arrangement because ring the Clock is a small business.

The loans, under PPP, are mostly forgivable.

Initially, businesses had actually to use 75% that the funds to covering payroll prices for complete forgiveness. The has due to the fact that been lowered to 60% under the Paycheck protection Program adaptability Act passed critical month.

Others determined to blame that on the wolf administration.

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"If you desire to be mad at anyone you must be mad at whoever determined on who obtained these loans," Roxanne Richi claimed in the thread. "Be mad in ~ the countless human being that battered their jobs knowing you will do it make an ext from unemployment rather of in reality working. These room the things that should be resolved in this country."

Demos Sacarellos, son of Themi and also spokesperson because that the restaurants, said The York Dispatch ago in may that ring the Clock Diner operated "within our constitutional rights" ~ defying Wolf"s closure orders.

"We"re not committing crime here; we"re just trying to feed people and support the neighborhood economy," Demos Sacarellos said. "It"s not a rebellion. It"s just company as usual."

The Sacarellos to be fined by the state for continuing to operate also after warnings and also suspensions of your licenses.