—Tough, physical cornerback that was a two-time high college state rings champion.

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—Physique is precisely what NFL groups want: solid arms and also legs, plus the speed and also quickness to store pace through top-tier agree receivers.

—Feet room natural, and Ya-Sin reflects change-of-direction an abilities to nearby on the route as soon as he identifies the ball. Closing rate is very good.

—Upside is loved by scouts, who check out Ya-Sin as being able come further build after restricted time in ~ a significant college program.

—Top-tier tackler who comes downhill in a hurry and hits the receiver with a mean streak.

—Able to play in any type of scheme and has viewed his share soar as teams realize his potential come play in press-man or ar schemes with room to improve his technique.


—Just one year of beginning at holy place after beginning his career at Presbyterian College.

—Technique is really raw, and too often he wins by trying come play physically at the route stem rather of relying ~ above timing and coverage tools.

—Can get captured not trusting his eyes and instincts, which create a pause in his reaction.

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—Not a wrap-up tackler despite good strength, toughness and a rings background.

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