I"ve got a fairly flourishing town with decent populace and all the amenities. However, recently I"ve been having severe issues because my tame animals keep breaking into the food warehouse and also eating the well Meals that I"m make the efforts to ridge up so the my regular villagers can eat and also not complain around eating life potato.

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I do have a job thorough to make kibble as lengthy as there"s less than 300 kibble, however apparently it"s not enough to keep my cats and dogs happy.

Should I begin culling/slaughtering excess cats/dogs, or room there better ways to gain my pets to stick to animal food and not people food?


Animals deserve to be assigned area on the animal tab and, uneven in genuine life, they will certainly stick come them. When creating the zone, make sure there"s at the very least one tile between the zone and also the food otherwise the pets will was standing on the tile beside the food and also eat it. Assign her pets come a region that consists of colonist areas but doesn"t permit them right into sterile locations or her food and also drug storage. Put a high-priority stockpile of kibble somewhere in it and the pets will eat from that.



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