Seems favor we only ever before get PTS update with brand-new stuff because that the major holiday events. Well, that trend proceeds as Carnival the the Ascended for Rift’s 10th year anniversary has ultimately arrived ~ above PTS (though PTS is locked at the moment of posting this article). A few reskinned mounts, and a couple of new points as well. Let’s dive in.EDIT! established some new details and have updated the article accordingly.

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New Mount Skins

New Mounts SkinsNew Cape + “Helm”New BackpacksNew minions, minion chain, and Artifact collection (Updated!)New accomplishments (Updated!)10th anniversary cake

For Rift’s 10th anniversary we acquire reskinned Guardian and Defiant mounts based on the Guardian Valmera and Defiant mechanically horses. There space 3 skin for each for a total of 6 new mount skins.


New Cape + “Helm”

New 10th anniversary cape, and also curiously a helmet to carry out a ruffled collar.

New Backpacks

2 brand-new backpacks with similar concepts however different styles. The white fancy one is broken in our version viewer as result of some duplicate data identified within the model.

New minions, minion chain, and Artifact collection (Updated!)

There are 6 new minions coming v Carnival, and also they it seems to be ~ to have actually a connected minion adventure! This is miscellaneous we have actually not seen due to the fact that Nightmare Tide. Pic of minion list ad tjeir stats is indigenous imathrowback ~ above Ghar station Discord.


Here is a perform of the chain measures that we deserve to see. It looks like you start with Trillian climate unlock the various other minions through the chained adventures. I mean someone to write-up a guide on this. (Updated v list of all 11 minion mission step names!)

A good Adventure Starts v Tavern Gossip Travelling in search of Old Guild Mates trying to find Clues: Roy the Shaman Fighting Shadows that the Past in search of Clues: Elbar the Dervish this Bandits determined the not correct Geezer to mess up With trying to find Clues: Thassalis the Beastmaster Recovering the Runeforger Armor in search of Clues: Mira the physician Reuniting the Crew A brand-new Adventure

A brand-new Artifact collection has been discovered. “Hero Generation” – “A decade has passed since the Ascended very first fought and also bled because that a brighter future.”. There space 8 full items in this set. However, rewards space not obtainable to the client, they space data native the server for this reason we space unable to datamine this in further detail. The customer database name for this set is weird misleading – “WorldEvent_CA_Year10_InstantAdventure_L70_HeroGeneration”. Maybe this is to imply that the artefacts come native participating in instant Adventures? We should wait for this one to go live to understand more.

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New success (Updated!)

There space 5 new Achievements as well:

An Old Dog Learning new TricksTrain Trillian Lockwert and also his band members to their previous glory.10 years of business With the DefiantsEquip any of the 10th Anniversary Defiant Warhorses.True VeteranComplete the 10th Anniversary artifact sets. Take part in Carnival IAs, 4-hour Minion Adventures and also Pinata Hunting!Carnival Rush!Grab a part of the fancy Celebration Cake to polymorph into a Carnival Unicorn.10 year of company With the GuardiansEquip any kind of of the 10th Anniversary Guardian Valmeras.

10th anniversary cake

Last but not least, the 10th anniversary cake. This is based on the cake served at Trion human beings during Rift’s start in 2011. Thanks to Caduto because that the pic of the launch cake!