As us inch closer toward sweater weather, the city’s summer festival lineup comes to—sigh—a close. However wait! The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 2017 following Wave Festival, running from mid-September come December, extend the an excellent vibes with multimedia and multigenre performances girlfriend won’t want to miss. If you"re to plan on exploring a display or two, seize food and drinks in the neighborhood before or after. Ft Greene is known for its worldwide mix of eateries, so to fill up on some the our favourite eclectic bites. For an authentically Israeli feast…Miss Ada Israeli-born chief Tomer Blechman serves up a delicious blend of middle Eastern flavors at his inviting eatery, whose surname was influenced by the Hebrew word for restaurant, misada. Head here while it’s still warm and grab a chair on the artsy patio, right alongside the city garden whereby the restaurant grow its fresh herbs. The interior environment is equally together appealing, relying heavily on reclaimed wood decor, herbal lighting, and plant fixtures. Center Eastern staples, such together tahini, peppers, and also spice-tinged sauces, are combined with european flair and also delicate preparation. The finish result? remarkable dishes including a hummus through chicken liver and also caramelized onions, octopus smothered with eggplant puree, and also a traditional shakshuka through a poached egg floating top top top. 184 Dekalb Avenue For shareable Latin-American eats…Colonia VerdeSharing is caring! That’s certainly the motto in ~ this sleek and spacious Latin-American ar gem. Chef Felipe Donnelly (of Soho"s recently departed Cómodo) combines local ingredients with practiced cultural techniques for made-to-share dishes. Shot one the the restaurant’s 5 steak renditions served with house-made salsas, or go for handheld favorites prefer duck confit tacos doused in Chihuahua cheese or pork belly arepas finish with a note of maple syrup. Save room for dessert; the standard “gringo churros” v hot chocolate for dipping are too tempting to pass up. 219 Dekalb AvenueFor eccentric afri delights…Madiba With its tribal decor, convert garage location, and cleverly named dishes such together the Codfather because that Two, mark Henegan’s authentic southern African eatery has actually been happen street food spices to fort Greene since an initial opening in 1999. The unconventional fare may seem a bit daunting at first—think: oxtail crostini, ostrich tartare, and various Durban curries—but the is every absolutely delicious, so be all set to nibble outside your comfort zone. It"s worth it. Additionally worth it: Helping improve education and living conditions in south Africa with Henegan"s constant partnerships through charities there. 195 Dekalb Avenue
For a little Havana flair…Habana outpost Whether you’re dining alone or turning a night in ~ BAM into a group outing, this low-key location caters to next of all sizes. Operation by Sean Meenan, the culinary mind behind Nolita’s ever-bustling coffee shop Habana, all of the food is prepped and also cooked in an attached food truck, adding some street fare edge to every dish. The solar-powered eatery (the very first of the kind) is adorned with vibrant decor, booth tables, wire lights, and also rainbow umbrellas—and the food is just as fun. That Cuban sandwich to be voted best in the city, and we are obsessed through the specialty grilled corn, served Mexican format with Cotija, chili powder, and also a to express of lime juice.Habana Outpost also hosts movie nights on the patio every Sunday until the end of October, making it the perfect point out to record a post-BAM flick. 757 Fulton StreetFor when you’re absent the soon-to-be-dearly-departed Franny’s…Rose’s With Franny’s brewing closure, Rose’s is now the only method to acquire your fix of co-owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg’s crafty dishes. The Brooklyn bar supplies elevated American grub, hand-selected handmade beers, and also classic cocktails in a chic space (and bright garden once the weather is nice). V a strictly commitment to seasonality, the ever-rotating menu includes items such as pickled eggs, whipped ricotta toast, and strawberry rosewater pie. However it"s Rose’s standard burger—complete v melted Gruyère and a buttery, toasted bun native artisanal bakery Orwasher"s—that steals the show. 295 Flatbush AvenueFor other delicious and also close…Olea If the sprawling, exciting Olea isn’t already on your radar, it requirements to be. Simply steps far from BAM, this contemporary taverna is affected by a unique blend the Spanish, Greek, and Italian flavors, making that satisfying because that a wide range of diners and appetites. The ar go-to supplies a simple, european feel through stucco walls, a wood-paneled ceiling, and also tiled floor.

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Not certain where come start? stimulate the falafel-crusted artichoke hearts, classic Greek meatballs, and “Spanish Pitza” because that Olea’s version of the Italian mainstay with Manchego and also toasted garlic. 171 Lafayette Avenue Need help deciding? get in touch; us can help you pick the perfect spot.