Today, January 11, we’ll begin the Lollipop 5.1 mechanism update soak because that 5,000 Moto X (1st Gen.) users. If all goes well with the soak, we’ll release Lollipop 5.1 to manufacturing in 20% increments starting on January 20, 2016. You re welcome follow the measures in this guide an extremely carefully as soon as preparing for, downloading and also installing the update.

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Updated On January 20, we started rolling Lollipop 5.1 to 20% the Moto X (1st Gen.) users.** Updated ~ above January 25, we released Lollipop 5.1 to an additional 20% that Moto X (1st Gen.) users.**Updated ~ above January 26, us released Lollipop 5.1 to an additional 20% that Moto X (1st Gen.) users.Updated ~ above January 27, we released Lollipop 5.1 to secondary 20% of Moto X (1st Gen.) users. - together of today, every users can manually download the update.****Updated top top January 28, all Moto X (1st Gen.) users have actually received an update an alert and can access the update. ****

Release Notes

In enhancement to Motorola’s Lollipop relax notes (which consists of the Stagefright protection Vulnerability patches 1 and 2), we’ve added some important updates:

**Build Number: **LPA23.12.39-R-15**System Version: ** sprintUpdate Size: 682 MB

Tap Republic Telephony.Tap Update or Install. (Note: If girlfriend don’t see an update button, climate you’re probably already on the most up to day version

Once you’ve confirmed that she on the many up to date Republic application versions, please perform the following:

Open your dialer by tapping the Phone icon from your house screen.Tap the Keypad icon.Enter __* # * # 8647 # * # * __(there’s no must tap send).Wait about a minute; if the hard arc does not show up in your an alert bar at the height of the phone, you re welcome power the phone turn off and back on.Ensure her phone is still linked to WiFi and has a hard arc.If your issue is still unresolved, please open up a help ticket from your phone by going to the Republic app -> Tap the question Mark -> Tap open a aid ticket.

Device Sluggishness/Battery Drain

The update to Lollipop is a significant update come the Android OS. This update changes the record structure and also runtime the the phone. When updating to Lollipop, you should make sure that her phone is plugged right into a power resource and permit at least an hour for the update to complete. If your phone is lagging or acting slow-moving after the update has actually completed, please carry out the following:

Ensure apps space up to date (namely RW apps, but likewise stock apps), and also not in the process of updating. If your apps are still updating, please wait for the apps to finish the update and also see if the sluggishness is still present.Ensure the you have actually at the very least 500MB the Available space on your phone.

Tip: If she experiencing higher than typical battery drain, please offer it a couple of days. Us have uncovered that time is the finest solution to reports of this issue.

Republic Telephony application Issues

If you receive a article that your phone no compatible once trying to upgrade the Republic Telephony app, her MEID is most likely incorrect. Please do the complying with to examine your MEID:

Open her dialer through tapping the **Phone **icon native your residence screen.Tap the Keypad icon.Enter __* # 06 # __(there’s no should tap send).If her MEID lists every 0’s, take a screenshot by pushing the POWER and VOL DOWN buttons in ~ the exact same time.Then, open up a aid ticket from her phone by opening the Republic app, tapping the Question Mark icon, climate tapping Open a assist ticket, and also attach the screenshot you simply took.If your concern is quiet unresolved, please open a assist ticket from your phone by going come the Republic app -> Tap the inquiry Mark -> Tap open a help ticket.

If you’re quiet experiencing worries after you’ve set up Lollipop 5.1 and tried every one of the above, please open a aid ticket from your phone by going to the Republic app -> Tap the question Mark -> Tap open up a aid ticket.

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We expect this helps to make her update endure run smoothly. Please feel complimentary to leave your questions and comments here.