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Free shipping on all orders. Returns are constantly free. Orders delivery within 48 hours. Orders placed over the weekend and on holidays will certainly ship the following service day. Company days space Monday-Friday and also exclude major business holidays.

Holiday Shipping InformationSTANDARD SHIPPING: 2-7 job - $5Must bespeak by 11AM CST Wednesday 12/15 for shipment by 12/24. To express SHIPPING: 2-3 job - $20Must order by 11AM CST Tuesday 12/21 for delivery by 12/24. OVERNIGHT SHIPPING: 1-2 work - $30Must bespeak by 11AM CST Wednesday 12/22 for delivery by 12/24.

The steel Ranger


A new pair the Red wing Heritage footwear have to fit comfortable tight on the foot, with enough room to freely wiggle toes. We recommend make the efforts on footwear in store to ensure appropriate fit.


Features a bump toe that enables toes to move more naturally.Fits a wide selection of foot shapes.

Product Details

products Used

products Used - steel Ranger layout 8085


Protect her Investment

Oil-tanned animal leather is made through minimal finishing materials, which create a distinctive natural look and feel. Oil-Tanned animal leather is particularly durable and has been supplied to construct countless Red Wing styles over the years. It is water, stain, and perspiration resistant. Actively maintaining animal leather is the most effective way to certain integrity and also longevity. Learn much more with ours Red Wing treatment guides.

Learn how To care For layout No. 8085

Repair Service

Red wing Heritage footwear is do in the USA with premium leathers, long lasting stitching, and traditional construction. In an age of quick fashion, we stand certain in our commitment to structure boots and also shoes that deserve to last for decades when correctly cared for. All Red soup Heritage footwear is totally resoleable, i beg your pardon vastly extends its usable lifespan. We proudly operate our own repair shop in ~ our manufacturing facility in Red Wing, Minnesota, whereby we handle a vast range of footwear repairs.

The Red Wing repair Shop handle a vast selection of footwear repairs.
Shipping & return


Free traditional Shipping

Free typical shipping because that all virtual transactions end $75. Click right here for details on this options.


Easy Returns. Guaranteed.

It’s simple, really. We desire you perfectly happy with your Red soup Heritage boots, and also our return/refund policy reflects the desire. If your boots nothing fit or don’t accomplish your needs, in most cases we’ll take them back, refund your money, and pay because that the shipping. Because that details on our return/exchange policy, click Learn More.

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The iron Ranger uses these treatment products

format 91025
Foam leather Cleaner
Leather treatment Product - Clean

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