I’m not certain if anyone else competent this bug or not, however shortly after I’ve provided Algernon his first order that Egret plumes and Queen of the Night orchids, i went to gain the following order.

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At this point, I currently got 20 Heron plumes and 30 Spoonbill feather in advance, and also 25 gator eggs and random number of orchids i come across in the Bayou. When I started collecting the moccasin slipper orchids, I uncovered it weird that part spots in the guides were missing, but didn’t issue too much due to the fact that I at some point got all 10 orchids ns needed. However, once I got that amount, accurate every other orchid appears to have ceased existing.


I’m scouring every clues that’s an alleged to have lady slipper orchids in large Valley and Tall Trees, yet they’re just not there. Now I additionally can’t find any type of of the various other orchids, not even the persons I previously collected.


Is mine save record cursed? because closing the game, convert saves, and restarting the console did nothing to fix the issue.

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Posted November 17, 2019
6 hrs ago, Jimbatron said:

the only thing I can do to be reload a ahead save.

I figured out how to restore my orchids. It was through accident, together I loaded the save record of my 1st playthrough which ns hadn’t excellent Algernon’s quest and go something to cause the auto save, climate went back to my new second playthrough the I’ve wanted to finish Algernon’s search on.


I had actually saved near that bear cavern in large Valley, the one with the Lady Slipper outside and a dinosaur bone inside, and also that Lady Slipper has lastly returned indigenous its absence and spawned whereby it was an alleged to be. And so has every various other orchid.


I have to note that the rat tail orchid to be the only one I had actually a far-ranging amount of. Every other orchid was favor picked as soon as or twice so I could have Arthur attract them rather of John, who can’t draw for sh*t.

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